Adi & Michael's Rainbow-Filled Christian-Zoroastrian Wedding {Pride Month}

2014 Jun 28 - by dulhan
Dear readers, today's wedding is simply breathtaking.  Adi and Michael's minimalist wedding shot by Dawn E. Roscoe was so elegant and poignant.  Held in the beautiful Alice Miller Chapel on the Northwestern University campus, their Christian and Zoroastrian ceremony took place inside a rainbow as light streaming through the stained-glass threw color all around them.

Flipping through their photos, I was struck by how simple it all looked and yet every action and every scene seemed injected with energy and emotion.  But how about I let Adi tell you all about the special day:

What was your inspiration for the wedding?

Being from different regions of the world, it was important for us to incorporate both our cultures into the wedding, so our ceremony included Christian as well as Zoroastrian traditions.  Our wedding ceremony was focused on our commitment and love for each other. We both found inspiration in our families history and culture, as well as operatic musical pieces that spoke to us and celebrated the bond between two people, Deh Vieni non tardar (Le Nozze di Figaro by Mozart) and Morgen! (by Richard Strauss).

Can you tell us about any special wedding customs you had?

As part of the wedding ceremony, we incorporated a special Zoroastrian blessing ceremony called "Sagan." Sagan is a traditional Zoroastrian ceremony performed on important occasions by the mother of the groom. The word Sagan is derived from the sanskrit word shagun, meaning auspicious.

First, a toran (flower garland) was placed around our necks. Next, a tili (vertical red mark made with vermilion paste) was placed on our forehead and shoes, signifying sun rays or energy, as a reminder to keep life active. Lastly, sakar (sugar crystal) was placed in our mouths to encourage sweetness in our communication.

What 3 words of advice do you have for future brides/grooms-to-be?

Three phrases instead of three words :-)

Make it unique, make it you, make it about love.

Anything else you would like to add?

It was pretty clear from the beginning of our relationship that I am the sappy emotional partner and Michael is the level-headed logical partner, who has only cried twice during our 4 year relationship. So all during the wedding planning Michael and I often joked about what an embarrassing ball of mess I was going to be during the wedding, in contrast to Michael’s happy and jovial demeanor.

Come the wedding day, I had decided that I was going to try my best to hold it together at the beginning of the ceremony, and then it would be okay if I cried during the exchange of vows. So I manage to make it down the aisle sans tears, when I turn around and find Michael coming down the aisle in full sob. Later I found out that Michael started crying as I walked down the aisle ahead of him, and his mother whispered jokes in his ear to get him to laugh. So we both surprised each other on our wedding day!

Thank you so much to Adi, Michael, and Dawn for sharing this gorgeous wedding!

{Wedding Suppliers}

Photography by Dawn E. Roscoe Photography

Preparation: Hilton Garden Inn, Evanston, IL

Ceremony: Alice B. Millar Chapel, Northwestern University

Reception: Stained Glass Bistro

Florist: Flowers Flowers

Joanne Leiman, Cake: Amy Beck Designs

Cake Topper: Created and crafted by Michael

Wedding Tuxes: Formally Modern Tuxedo