Aekta & Nitin's Splendid Indian Love Marriage {Haryana, India}

February 18, 2014 - by Preeti

What happens when you have bachpan ke dost (childhood friends) of 17 years?

You fall in love! And love knows no boundaries. Even though Aekta & Nitin lived across the street from each other, grew up with each other, and played as children, they were of different castes. For them, falling in love meant breaking traditions and forging new ones.

In the end, they found that love, and with the support of their families had one gorgeous big fat Indian wedding in Faridabad, Haryana!

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Aekta shares with us her wedding, her outfits, and a few sage tips on love marriages.

Tell us about your outfits!

I have always dreamt of a Big Fat Indian wedding. I wanted my wedding my special to be beautiful, everything color coordinated, from my wedding dress to the color of the decoration. We wanted the theme of the wedding to be royal and majestic. I got my lehenga designed from a designer friend, Brijesh Dahiya, who runs his own chain of apparel under the name Gulabo Chaap. Nitin also opted for a light colored sherwani that was regal and unusual.

For the wedding, I chose a golden lehenga with deep red blouse and an orange dupatta with pink/blue border on the chunni and lehenga bottom. The blouse, chunni and the lehenga had lot of zari work. The inner border of the dupatta was well covered with a green brocade. Nitin's sherwani was from an ethnic clothing chain called Samyakk and was again an offbeat cream colored with a very light blue self embroidery. The safa was white, and the ends were dark blue velvet to match my lehenga.

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For our engagement, he chose a much simpler Purple shirt to go with my light pink saree with broad borders and moti work. I had carried a typical paro (Bengali Style) look on this day.

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For the sangeet, I chose Brijesh to design a white anarkali for me.

How was the wedding?

As ours was a love marriage and that too local, our family homes face each other, our friends from the locality (and from work) were the life of the wedding!

The cocktail party went on for almost three days! After our engagement and my vidai, family and friends gathered on the road, played loud music in the car and danced till dawn. We love taking photos and as a special surprise, they gifted us a couple's shoot. Our families were supportive and equally helped in arranging the wedding. They made it complete in every sense, even though there was tension due to the inter caste marriage.

This wedding was something which we never thought would ever happen. But when it was decided it would happen, we chose everything to our style, the colors, the decor, the photographers, the wedding cards everything. Still on the wedding day, we felt we were just friends and just moved on to a next level of moving together. This feeling, made it truly ours!

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What was the hardest part about planning your wedding?

Today, Google is at your hands all the time. You see so many things online which may not be technically or financially feasible. The hardest part for us was to make those dream photos and reality meet.

You also may have parents who have traditional ways of arranging a wedding, yet you want something modern. As a bride, it was difficult, but it is important to compromise and make sure everyone feels part of the wedding. Hire a wedding planner to help you and your families navigate the wedding planning. It's easier to make both the ends meet.

What was your favorite part of the wedding?

The pre wedding shoot and the post wedding morning rituals!

What advice do you have for future brides-to-be?

  • Don't go by photos on the internet/Facebook by the photographers, do your own research before hiring.

  • While designing your trousseau, go with established designers even if they are a little more expensive. You will get quality and customer service.

{Wedding Suppliers}

Photography: CoolBluez

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Thank you so much Aekta for sharing your wedding. We wish you and Nitin the best!

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