An Elegant Syrian Christian Wedding from Sweden

2014 Jan 14 - by Preeti
Today we have a very special wedding for you! We're heading out of South Asia to a fabulously elegant and dance happy wedding in the Swedish city of Vällingby.

Sozan and Ludwig had a traditional Syrian Christian wedding at Hesselby Slott, a beautiful old castle. Even though Ludwig is not Syrian, he took to the culture so well, you would never know!

As Fredric Sannebro, the photographer, told me, "This wedding was classic of everything Syrian: dancing, the lady's zhagareet (uluation- popular in Middle Eastern culture), music, more dancing, bright colors, lots of food, sky-high heels, more dancing, lots of guests, and more and more. I will never forget this wedding, it was truly one of the most beautiful weddings I experienced."

What I always love about Swedish Weddings is the simplicity and elegance. Swedes are a people of beautiful and stylish things; they make minimalism look sexy. And this wedding has that balance of colorful Syrian culture with Swedish elegance. You just can't fall more in love with everyone.

Perhaps my favorite parts of the wedding are the davul and zurna, drum and flute, players to get the bride's family in the dance spirit. They reappear at the reception and boy, I have never seen so many people dance.

For the pre-wedding photos, Ludwig is styling in an 18th century lounge chair. Doesn't he look royal?!

And when he looks at Sozan, you can feel the love. Heart melt!

The women doing the zhagareet (ululation).

And no proper Middle Eastern wedding is complete without a table of sweets and desserts.

Thank you Fredric for sharing this wedding. We wish Sozan and Ludwig lots of love and happiness. // Tack så mycket Fredric for bilder. Grattis och lycka till kära brudparet.

{Wedding Suppliers}

Venue: Hesselby Slott, Stockholm, Sweden

Caterer: Olles krog

Invitation Designer: Soria Wirstam

Photographer: Fredric Sannebro

Dress Designer: Matildas Fest

Cake Designer: Tidemans Bageri

Jewelry: Swarovski

Bridesmaid Dresses: