An Intimately Elegant Islamic Nikah Ceremony {Seattle, WA}

2014 Jun 9 - by Preeti
It is amazing to feature weddings of the same religion, but with so many different styles and beauties. Those little details are what will make your wedding amazing. No matter how "same" the rasms or rituals are, the guests, the laughs, the cries are distinctly yours to keep.

Today's Islamic nikah ceremony is intimate, special, and oh so beautiful. There is an honor to bearing witness to such an event.

Someone please give me a tissue box.

Photographer Tyler, of Tyler Ray Weddings, tells us about the nikah:

Sohaira and Rizwan's wedding was one that brought people from across the globe to Seattle. Although only a few of Sohaira's family live in the Seattle area, it was somewhat centrally located between her in California, her family in Tacoma and Canada, and Rizwan's family in England. At least, that is what they could make as epicenter!

Both of the bride and groom's families are devout Muslims, and although the wedding had a distinct air of modernity and westernization, the wedding had a respectful sense of sanctity. Set in the splendid Rainier Club, an 18th century hall with an awareness of "high society" in downtown Seattle, the wedding was a visually appealing mixture of old Western architecture and design encompassing South Asian fashion and style.

The entire event was short, only a few hours for the Nikah and reception combined. After the cake cutting and an emotional farewell, the couple gratefully escaped into a 1957 Rolls Royce, and then to a horse and carriage that took them on a quiet ride through downtown Seattle.

Every wedding has its own charm, and there are always extraordinary people making it possible; I will remember this wedding for a long time to come.

Thank you for those really beautiful words Tyler! And now, some of our our favorite wedding photos.

A beautiful and intense look by the bride.

Henna love.

Guests waiting, texting, chilling.

Getting married.

It's always hard to say goodbye.

New life. New experiences. Love in the city. Taking a horse carriage.

Wishing you both the very best in life.

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Photography: Tyler Ray Weddings

Venue: Rainier Club, Seattle, Washington

Carriage: Seattle Carriages

Rolls Royce: British Motor Coach