Anushree Reddy's 'The Tale of a Bow' Resort Collection {Lakme Fashion Week 2014}

2014 Mar 20 - by Nadya
Anushree Reddy marched out a gorgeously soft and delicate pink collection on the Jabong Stage on Monday.  Each piece featured a striking fusion of East meets West with traditional Indian textiles worked into trendy versions of classic Desi looks.

Reddy chose such a pretty color palette with pinks and greens accented with metallic borders and expert zari work.  The pastels worked well to mute the somewhat risqué nature of some of the bikini tops and sheer anarkalis.  I love the gold zari work that features so heavily in this collection.  They add a regal brocade element that makes every dress drool-worthy.

So many sparkles.  At times it feels like the dream collection of a five year-old part-time princess.  But then, at the end of the day, who doesn't like a bit of dress-up?

The bow on this dress, though, was probably a bit too much. Could have easily done without.

Reddy knows how to do without overdoing.  The textile details could have verged on gaudy at so many points in this collection, but over and over again she expertly combats the saccharine with punchy modern touches.  The solid pink band that pops up on so many of these lehngas grounds the looks and makes them wearable.

Here's the look that so many of the Indian fashion bloggers have been going ga ga over.  This modern sari features a wrap around blouse that ties over the choli and threatens to leave the model exposed (or possibly a little cold) on the runway. I would definitely say that this peachy pink sari with that gold brocade (to die for!) is pretty and I like the idea of experimenting with the sari blouse, BUT I'm not sold on this look.  I don't think the giant bow does much for the outfit and I definitely would not want to roll up to a wedding do in anything less than full coverage.  You know how Aunties talk.

And here's the lovely Ileana D'Cruz looking stunning in a merengue-type lehgna.  It's all poof and princess.

There is something gorgeously understated about this look in comparison to the rest of the collection - it feels softer and less noticeable, but it also feels like Ileana is wearing the dress rather than the dress wearing her.  This is possibly the most wearable look (if you don't mind a bikini top - I guess you gotta channel your inner K3G Poo) of Reddy's collection because it's classic and sweet.

All in all, Reddy delivered a gorgeous, princessy collection.  I may not kill for one of these dresses, but I could be convinced to commit a misdemeanour or two.