Brush-Up on Face Powders + 3 Favs for Desi Skin {Makeup Mantra}

2014 Apr 12 - by dulhan
A few weeks ago, I discussed the Do's and Don'ts of Face Makeup that every woman should follow (more or less) to achieve that basic, flawless skin look.

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Today, we're following up with a brush-up (pun intended) on the importance of face powder by reviewing a few of my favorites. These are great for South Asian skin tones as well.

Face powders are extremely important for two reasons:

First, it seals in the makeup (foundation, coverup, etc.) that you have used to buff and smooth your face into perfection. It'll make sure that your look finishes naturally - which is important because you don't want any oily residue from your liquid foundation gleaming off your face.

Second, face powders keep the oils and sweat that accumulate on your face at bay. If you need to look fresh for a long amount of time, make sure to touch up with face powder now and then to soak up all that gross shine and keep your skin looking clean and smooth.

Three particular face powders will get these jobs done - and I've organized them by price for budgeting convenience!

1. CoverGirl Clean Pressed Powder - Oil Control, $5.99


This drugstore product is a great buy if you're looking for something worth way more than its price. At only $6, this pressed powder does the job better than many fancy brands! The powder is translucent, lightweight, and not cakey - it will give you the perfect smooth finish that your makeup needs.

CoverGirl makes face powders suited to each skin type, so whether you have sensitive or oily skin, the products are fine-tuned to your needs! They also have plenty of shades that will suit darker skin tones (in all their ranges!)

The only downside to this is that it's not as long-lasting as other brands so you'll need to reapply, and the powder isn't good for coverage. You'll have to use a thicker foundation if you want to coverup any skin imperfections.

2.  bareMinerals READY Touch Up Veil Broad Spectrum SPF 15, $22

{via Sephora}

This pressed powder is a new line, based off of the Mineral Veil Finishing Powder that bareMinerals is famous for. That powder is loose and harder to apply, but luckily this version brings all the amazing glow and polishing effects with none of the mess!

I love this powder because it's lightweight and makes my skin super soft. I can wear it on its own to freshen up my face or as a finishing powder for my makeup. It'll give you an airbrushed experience with how smooth your skin will look and feel!

bareMinerals doesn't have too many shades, so matching can be an initial struggle. However, once you find your relevant range, the powder is translucent enough that a "beige" will suit anyone from a light to medium beige in reality.

3. MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, $27

{via Nordstrom}

MAC's products are amazing and very respected - so you won't be let down by their famous Studio Fix foundation powder. It packs a greater punch than pressed powder because it's a foundation as well - so you can use it for covering up dark spots and evening out your skin tone instead of the liquid stuff.

The "Studio Fix" name is apt - it definitely makes your skin flawlessly smooth and even. However, I found that I'd have to be careful with applying it because too many layers makes the thicker powder look cakey.

This also comes in a good variety of shades, and many of them include deeper beige colors that will match South Asian skin tones.

I'd definitely recommend any of these three products as a long-term face powder partner - they'll provide the smoothing function you need in various ways. Just make sure to match your shade perfectly!

Face powder is an easy trick that'll update your makeup from standard to stunning in no time. Grab your favorite brush, or use a quick face powder like I do, and buff away! Your radiant skin will speak for itself.