Chithra & Keith's Colorful Kannada Wedding {California}

2014 Dec 7 - by Preeti
What happens when you put a Kannadiga bride, an American groom speaking Sanskrit, and lots of saris? An very merry colorful South Indian wedding!

Chithra and Keith got married at the San Mateo Marriott in San Mateo, California. An outdoor wedding that converted the white gazebo into a mandap, this adorable couple didn't stop smiling through the whole ceremony!

Chithra shares their wedding story with us.

Tell a little bit about yourselves!

I decided to attend graduate school to pursue a PhD in chemical biology in a vain attempt to save the world. Luckily, I met Keith, who had recently moved to California and had accidentally become a vegetarian. We quickly bonded over our love of musicals and Disney movies, which somehow led to a lengthy discussion with my parents and an ambush proposal at a Ojai retreat.

What prompted the decision to have the wedding at this particular venue?

We knew we wanted to have the wedding in the Bay Area near Chithra’s family, and the San Mateo Marriott was both conveniently located near SFO and had supported many Indian weddings already. Our overall goal for the wedding planning was to make it easy and convenient for everybody.

What was the inspiration for your wedding style, colors, etc?

The colors were built around my outfit choices, which were brought back from India. Indian weddings are known for being colorful, and this was no departure – the goal was for the setting to be as vibrant and festive as possible.

Did you have any special touches/traditions that you incorporated into your ceremony/reception? Any DIY projects?

The wedding ceremony was a traditional, though truncated, south Indian (Kannadiga) ceremony, following the traditions of my family. The festivities included some traditional pre-wedding religious ceremonies and mehendi night for the women to get their hands decorated.

What are your most vivid memories from the wedding day?

Honestly, it was all a blur, but it was most amazing to see all of our friends and family in one place to celebrate with us.

Also, in the blur of the preparations, we hadn’t rehearsed any of the Sanskrit that Keith would be uttering during the ceremony, and his heroic efforts were priceless!

What advice would you give to future brides and grooms?

The most important part about the wedding is the fact that you will be married and all of your friends and family will be there to support and celebrate you – everything else is gravy and is not worth the stress! A brilliant photographer is key, though =).

What were your musical choices?

The music during the ceremony was comprised of traditional south Indian wedding music. We entered to the reception to the song “Final Countdown” (Europe) – as one of our favorite shows is Arrested Development, and we always got a kick out of Gob’s theme song. Music during dinner was selected from Bollywood oldies/classics – we had many guests of our parents’ generation, and we wanted them to enjoy/be familiar with the music.

{Wedding Vendors}

Photographer:   Alders Photography // Event Designer: Aesthetika // Invitation Designer: Apple Berry Ink // Event Planner: Avantplanners // Musicians: David Gerard // Hair Stylist: Maison Deux// DJ: Nix Bhachu // Photo Booth Equipment: photo-matica photo booth rentals// Reception Venue: San Mateo marriott // Cake Designer: Sibby's Cupcakery // Caterer: Silver Spoon Catering // Makeup Artist: The Traveling Stylist