Cinco de Mayo Indian Mexican Wedding Inspiration

2014 May 6 - by Preeti
Today is Cinco de Mayo, the 5th of May, commemorating the defeat of the French forces at Pueblo, Mexico.

It's a day filled with celebrations, food, dancing, and happiness. Sounds just like an Indian celebration!

We are back with our second Cinco de Mayo Mexican-Indian wedding inspiration moodboard. Check out our previous Mexican wedding inspired moodboard.

This year we are celebrating with lots of bold colors. Colorful guitars would make a great live band.

Pinatas are fun wedding decoration for tables, sides, or even to hang from the ceiling.

Marigold flowers, considered auspicious and good luck for Indian events, of course have to be around. Spruce up your marigold garlands with blue-purple dyed orchids and lotus. Ohh, and fun fact. Did you know that the marigolds we use in all Indian celebrations, are actually not Indian. These pom pom style of orange, yellow, and dark red flowers originate from Mexican. It is fitting then we have our Mexican marigold garlands!

Of course, a wedding is not complete without food. Think of serving salsas and chutneys in colorful pottery, complemented by bold patterned table decor. Serve margaritas, virgin or real, for guests. Since margaritas can take on just about any flavor, consider tamarind margaritas, mango margaritas, and watermelon margaritas.

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Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!