Deepa & Devan's Love Happy Hindu Wedding {London}

2014 May 18 - by Preeti
Big smiles today! Big big smiles! I just love a wedding where the bride and groom smile and laugh their whole wedding.

I think our favorite part of the wedding were the ring games after. This is when a ring is placed in a bowl of colored water and flower petals. The person who finds the ring, will rule the home.

And I think Deepa's going to rule the roost!

And now, grab a cup of chai to see the photos from their London wedding. Thank you to wedding photographer Marianne Chua.

Tell us about the wedding

We had a traditional Hindu wedding - 350+ (!) guests, a multitude of ceremonies followed by a full blown Indian banquet at the Bhaktivedanta Manor in Watford, London. It was a magical, spiritual day - based on the traditional Vedic scriptures which underpinned the vows and promises we made to each other. The whole event was very informal and relaxed, made incredibly special by having our closest family and friends there to celebrate with us.

"There were so many special wedding customs, we don't even know where to start! Most of these are common to a typical indian wedding but were hilarious for guests who weren't familiar with these typical ceremonies. Our top 3 would have to be:

1. Devan's shoes being stolen by my younger cousins - he had to buy these back later in the day!

2. At one point we were racing around the sacred fire to be the first to sit down - it is said that the first one to sit is in charge for the rest of the marriage (and yes - Devan won!!)

3. The priest offering a blessing to us as part of the ceremony - for 11 children. Our faces said it all!

What was the inspiration for your wedding?

We really wanted it to be a very relaxed, fun day where everyone could enjoy the whole experience. Both sets of parents were incredibly supportive and laid back, so they were our main inspiration in terms of ideas and planning.

What was the hardest part about wedding planning?

Trying to make a table plan for 350 guests. No Excel spreadsheet should ever have to be that big!

Did you do any DIY (do it yourself) or special projects/things at the wedding?

However, thinking back we (mainly Deepa!) definitely got a bit carried away with the DIY element - we made our own centrepieces, built the frame for the tableplan, did all our own favours and even made programmes for the day to explain the various ceremonies and thank our guests for being there and making it so special. There was a LOT of gold spray paint and superglue involved..."

What was your favorite part of the wedding?

Deepa: For me, it was seeing Devan. I was very nervous during the civil ceremony and seeing him really helped me to relax and enjoy the day!

Devan: It was really nice to have all our friends and family there - I had some time in between ceremonies while Deepa was getting ready so managed to personally thank as many of our guests for making such an effort - especially our friends from university who dressed up in full indian outfits for the day!

What 3 words of advice do you have for future brides/grooms-to-be?

Enjoy every second!

The day flies by and before you know it, it will all be over!

We can't thank Marianne enough for all her hard work leading up to the wedding and on the day itself. She was incredible from day one, going out of her way to source a second photographer, taking time out to understand the individual ceremonies, and capturing the most spectacular photos in her own special style. We spent months looking at prospective photographers, and looking at the shots we have, we definitely made the perfect choice.


Thanks so much for sharing your wedding! We wish you both the very best in life, love, and happiness.

{Wedding Suppliers}

Venue / Food / Floral Arrangements: Bhaktivedanta Manor

Photographer: Marianne Chua

Bride's Hair / MakeUp / Mehndi (Henna): Roopkala

Bride's Outfit: Bombay Looks Direct

Groom's Outfit: Saree Mandir