Essential Questions For Every Bride-To-Be: Decor Edition

2014 Dec 21 - by dulhan
I have a confession. I’m a Pinterest fanatic. Planning my wedding entailed endless pinning and re-pinning of spectacular stages, charming centerpieces, and stunning signage. After establishing a picture perfect wedding virtually, I needed some help to make my Pinterest wedding a reality. Post-Pinterest board completion was the cue for the fairy godmother of weddings, a decorator, to step in and help me actualize my wedding day dreams. But who did I hire? How did I choose someone I could trust with my budget and ideas? Would he or she do my vision justice?

Don’t fret ladies! We at the Big Fat Indian Wedding have come up with an easy Essential Questions for Every Bride-Decor for you to take with you to your wedding decorator interviews. If you’re on the fence on hiring a wedding decorator, then know that decorators are well worth the investment. A decorator can relieve the anxiety of scouring the internet and stores for the best deals on flowers, centerpieces, and stage draping. He or she will have a variety of odds and ends for you to use on your special day.

Availability and Booking:

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1. Are you available on [insert date(s)] at [insert time(s)]? How soon do I have to reserve this date?

2. Can we see a stock of your inventory in pictures and in person?

3. What is required to book you for my wedding date?

4. Do you require a security deposit (or the full amount) to reserve this date?

5. Can you please send me a contract/written agreement as confirmation of what is included in our package?

6. Will you personally be at my wedding or will you send others? Can we meet with the decorators before the wedding day as well (if your main contact person is a sales representative and non-decorator)? ***You may want to discuss specifics with the people coordinating your décor the day of if your contact person will not be there personally.

7. How early do you set-up for an event?

8. Are there any additional day-of charges I should know about?

9. Who is responsible for removing the decorations? Is the removal of the décor covered in our package or are there any additional fees?

Background and Experience:

1. What is your background in décor? Have you decorated many South Asian weddings?

2. Can I see pictures of your portfolio- particularly stage and table décor?

3. Do you have a website or blog I can check out?

4. Do have any reviews from your past clients on WeddingWire or the like? Can I speak to any of your past clients?

5. Has your work been published in any wedding blogs or magazines?

6. Have you worked with any of our venues before?

*** If the decorator is fairly new and lacks experience, you may be able to negotiate a lower price. Discuss the opportunity your wedding presents, in the context of your professional photography, for the decorator to showcase their work and advertise their business to new clients.

Package Questions:

1. Have you decorated more intimate style or large scale weddings? What is your level of experience with a wedding with (insert number of guests)?

2. Do you include table covers, charger plates, chair covers, chair sashes, etc?

3. How do your packages work for multi-day weddings?

4. What are your available packages or currents deals/specials? Are there additional discounts if our wedding is not in peak season?

5. Are floral arrangements covered in your packages? (If not) Do you have any recommendations for florists you have worked with in the past?

Style and Supplies:

1. Should I bring in photos of stage designs I like? Can you copy a centerpiece idea from a picture I provide?

2. Have you decorated any weddings with a theme? Can you provide pictures of weddings you’ve decorated with a similar style to what I have in mind? ***Ask for pictures of recent weddings decorated on the same budget and in a similar venue as your own.

3. Can we see pictures of stages, aisles, centerpieces, entrances, sweetheart tables, candy buffets, cocktail tables, etc. that you’ve decorated with our theme or color scheme?

4. What stage props and centerpieces do you have available to use in the décor? Are candles and gem accents included/provided?

5. If flowers are provided, can I request or show you specific designs I have in mind? Do you have any examples of past floral centerpieces you have had at weddings?


1. What is the “door” quote for everything we’ve discusses for our wedding package? What exactly is included in this charge?

2. Do you offer a payment plan for your services? When is the final balance due?

3. What is your preferred form of payment? Are there any discounts available if we pay in cash?

4. Is our security deposit nonrefundable? What is your cancellation policy with regards to deposits and refunds?

The wedding planning process can be difficult as is, so it makes sense to invest in someone who can ease your burden. Hire a decorator that will work within your budget to create a wedding scene so beautiful that it could only be the product of your dreams. Your imagination and budget are the only limitations, but it doesn’t have to cost thousands to recreate your wedding day vision.

Let Pinterest be a starting point for your inspiration and your decorator can act as your step-in David Tutera. Don’t be afraid to bring in the bling, ladies! Use our handy Essential Questions for Every Bride-Decor to make sure that you hire a decorator you can trust. If you need more help in selecting vendors, check our out guides on venues and make up artists.


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