Essential Questions For Every Bride-To-Be: Make-Up Edition

2014 Oct 19 - by dulhan
a href="" title="Before I do’s, I plan(ned)! What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Wedding Planning" target="_blank">Planning a wedding can be a daunting task, but it can be fun too! Aside from picking a venue and date, you also get to pick a make-up artist. Who doesn’t love being gussied up and pampered? This being said, we don’t want you to end up looking like a clown! This week, we’re looking at the questions you should be asking potential make-up artists, aside from the eye-do's and eye-don'ts.

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After conducting some initial research, i.e. Facebook and Instagram stalking, call or e-mail your make-up artist for a consultation. We’ve divided the questions based on areas of concern. Here’s a Essential Questions for Every Bride-MakeupEdition to take with you to your pseudo-interview, trial sessions.

Availability and Booking:

1. Are you available on [insert date(s)] at [insert time(s)]? How soon do I have to reserve this date?

2. Do you work on location or do I have to come to a studio? Is there a travel fee?

3. When are you available for a trial run? Is there an additional charge for this?

4. What is required to book you for my wedding date?

5. Do you require a security deposit to reserve this date?

6. Can you please send me a contract or written agreement as confirmation?

7. Will you personally be at my wedding or will you send another artist?

8. What is your policy if you can’t make it on my wedding day due to illness or unforeseen circumstances?

9. Do you have any other commitments on my wedding day?

10. Will you be able to accommodate me if I am running late? Is there a charge if this occurs?

11. Are there any additional fees if it’s a holiday weekend or if the preparation requires an early morning start time?

12. Does your makeup application include the application of false eye-lashes? Is there a separate fee?

13. Are there any additional day-of charges I should know about?

14. Do you offer a payment plan for your services? When is the final balance due?

15. What is your cancellation policy?

To get a sense of your make up artist’s level of expertise and application style, it is important to ask him or her about his or her background and experience. Check out some pictures of his or her portfolio or a blog link to any recent work. You want to make sure that his or her brides do not look identical. After all, you want the make-up artist to take your preferences and personality into consideration.

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Background and Experience:

1. What is your background in makeup? Where did you learn/train to apply makeup professionally?

2. How many years have you been doing bridal makeup?

3. Have you worked with many South Asian brides? Are you familiar with South Asian bridal looks and styles?

4. Can I see pictures of your portfolio?

5. Do you have a website or blog I can check out?

6. Do have any reviews from your past clients on WeddingWire or the like?

7. Has your work been published in any wedding blogs or magazines?

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Bridal Party Questions:

1. What size of a bridal party can you accommodate? How long will it take to get makeup for my bridal party of (insert number)?

2. Do you have a separate partner who can handle the bridal party, while you apply my makeup?

3. Do you have a discounted, flat-charge per bridesmaid? By what date should I give you a number of the members within the bridal party?

4. Do you or your partner offer hair services as well?

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Trial Questions:

1. Should I bring in photos of makeup designs I like? Can you copy a makeup look from a picture I provide?

2. Do you need me to wear my bridal outfit or the color of the outfit for the trial?

3. What do I do about my bridal day accessories? Do you recommend wearing the jewelry and/or headpieces for the trial?

4. Should I send you pictures of my wedding dress or décor to give you a sense of the look I desire?

5. Are you familiar with my skin-type? Ask acne-specific and/or skin allergy questions if applicable. Discuss coverage of old blemishes, scars or tattoos.

6. Is there anything I need to prepare for the trial in terms of skincare? Is there anything needed on my end before the wedding day?

7. Where do you like to conduct the trial? If you’re okay with coming to my house, then is there anything you need, like mirrors or lighting, for the trial?

8. What does the trial run usually entail? What is included in the trial?

9. How long does the trial application typically take?

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Makeup Style and Supplies

1. How would you or your clients describe your style or inspiration in makeup (vintage, dramatic, glamour, etc)? Do you specialize in any look or technique in particular (contouring, winged eyeliners, dramatic eyes)?

2. What specific makeup brands and products do you typically use? Will you bring all your own supplies in terms of makeup, brushes, and applicators?

3. How do you clean and sanitize your products and brushes?

4. Do you apply traditional foundation or airbrush foundation? Is there any additional fee if I prefer airbrush foundation?

5. How would you describe your ideal vision of my make-up for the wedding day? *Ensure that his or her description matches your expectations.

6. Will this makeup photograph well? Will the look hold for the duration of the wedding?

7. How do I ensure that my makeup looks fresh throughout the event? What should I do if any of the products wear? Do you have any suggestions in terms of color and quality matching the products you used? What, especially, should I do if my lipstick wears off? * Ask for a comparable lipstick to use to touch up.

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1. How much do you charge? What is included in this charge?

2. What is your preferred form of payment?

Some brides may choose not to hire a makeup artist for their big day. With all the other worries and concerns a bride must shoulder, however, it may be easier to let someone else carry this burden. At the end of the day, your pictures are the only lasting memories and you do not want an eyeliner debacle highlighted in every close-up! Book a makeup artist you feel comfortable with, trust completely, and communicate freely. Your make-up artist is a built-in supporter, whose primary job is to make you look good.

Designer Marc Jacobs says it best, "beauty and makeup and color is like the finishing touch on everything." Use our handy Essential Questions for Every Bride-MakeupEdition to make sure that this finishing touch makes you shine even brighter on your big day. Also, check out our Red Book on some amazing makeup artists, like Beauty You Deserve and Bridal by Jyoti! Eyes-Katrina-GIF