Eye Do's and Eye Don’ts: Tips for Beautiful Bridal Eyes {Makeup Mantra}

2014 Apr 26 - by dulhan
We’re often told that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. In the metaphorical sense, beauty is indeed subjective. But, taken literally, beauty is seen and interpreted through one’s eyes. With the important role these eyes assume, we have to give them their due importance- especially on our wedding day!

{Photo Courtesy of Yusra and Kashif's wedding via Jamie Howell Photography}

We sat down with Atlanta-based makeup artists Noor Farooq and Nalani Bott to get the insiders' scoop on bridal eyes. Read on for their advice and a list of our top eye do’s at the end!

1. As a prominent bridal MUA, what do you wish you could tell your brides upfront about their eye makeup for the big day?

• Do a trial with the makeup artist of your choice and really communicate what you want. Sometimes the way we picture it in our minds is not how the makeup artist may perceive it and vice versa. Also, the best way to communicate your ideas and thoughts is through several different pictures of makeup that you find appealing.

• One of the most important things to keep in mind is that someone's idea of a natural look or a smokey eye may be different from yours so pictures can relay the exact style or close to the style that you are looking for. Keep in mind that your eye shape may be different from the picture you chose and your makeup artist has to adjust based on his or her own professional expertise.

• I definitely believe in communicating with my client and making sure they get their desired results. Given my experience in South Asian bridal make up, I make recommendations, but I leave the ultimate decision up to my clients. (Noor)

2. What are your thoughts with colors in terms of shadows and liners with eye makeup and Indian/Pakistani bridal looks? Are there any colors brides should steer away from? Are there any colors that you think look better with the traditional red ensembles?

• Well, in the outfits, there's so much hand beaded work with rhinestones of all sorts of colors even though the main color is red. There are bronzes, golds, coppers, sometimes more pearly and silver undertones, so personally, I like to pull from those jewel tones and use them as my eye shadow colors with maybe a dark brown, black or plum to give a smokey effect. The outfit is already so intense that you don't want the bride to drown in all that fanciness! I like to make sure everything is balanced. (Noor)

• Avoid burgundy or purple on the lower lash line because it can mimic under-eye circles. I like to incorporate golds or subtle accent colors in the outfit. (Nalani)

• Another important thing to remember to making your eye-makeup stand out and be prominent is using a good eyeshadow primer. My go to is MAC Paint Pot in Painterly. I use that under everything and every skin tone and eye shape. It's very creamy but dries down and keeps the eyeshadows on really well throughout the day. (Noor)

{Photo courtesy of Hina and Shehryar's Wedding via Gabriel's Eye Photography}

3. Is there anything brides should do before meeting with their MUA? How early should they book a trial?

• Definitely make a list of what you like and what you don't like in your makeup. The makeup artist doesn't expect you to be an expert. But everyone has some kind of idea of what they like and don't like and these little details make a big difference. If the makeup artist is highly requested, then I suggest hiring 5-6 months before the wedding. This allows you enough time to secure everything. (Noor)

• Send inspirational images to give a rough idea to the MUA, but let the MUA have a little free range in terms of creativity. (Nalani)

4. What is an absolute DO NOT with eye makeup?

• I honestly think this depends on personal preference, but I can say do not, not wear lashes lol! wear them! I think everything else is fair game if applied correctly. (Noor)


5. What is your opinion on the natural versus made-up debate with respect to eye makeup? Can a 'natural' bride pull off fake eyelashes? Do you recommend them?

• Absolutely!!!! If she is going for a more subtle look for the eye then lashes are essential. Why? Adding lashes will enhance the drama without smoking it out with black or brown shadow. There are several styles of lashes available so make sure you discuss that with your makeup artist. And trust her when she says you need them. It will make the biggest difference, especially in pictures. It gives a cleaner look and balances out dramatic eyes! Lashes and liner will automatically take your look up 10 notches, effortlessly! (Noor)

GO DRAMATIC! Make a statement when you enter a room- don’t let your guests outshine you. (Nalani)

{Photo courtesy of Naureen & Ghazaly's Wedding via This Modern L<3ve Photography}

6. What brands should brides prefer for eye makeup essentials?

• Waterproof liner and mascara! I think a good primer is essential and some pigmented eyeshadow. Some of the popular brands are Mac, Make Up For Ever and Urban Decay. (Noor)

• Urban Decay has a great line of eyeshadows with shimmer. Inglot carries great matte eye shadows. (Nalani)

7. What should brides wear on the day of their trial? Do you think it's better to wear a white/lighter shirt or wearing the color of their outfit?

• Wearing a shirt of a similar color may help you get an idea but in most of my trials, brides really do not get the full vision until the day of. Many people are not used to wearing that much makeup so it's very hard for women to see themselves that way. That's why the relationship between the bride and her makeup artist is very important. She has to feel comfortable with the work and know that it will look awesome once everything comes together. Wearing a t-shirt and jeans cannot really translate with full-on Indian/Pakistani makeup. (Noor)

8. Where should brides set up their makeup application the day of the wedding? What do you wish you could tell them for where they get their makeup done (in terms of lighting and people)?

• On the day of the wedding, natural or fluorescent lighting is great. If the bride is getting ready at home, then the kitchen is a great place because there's usually good lighting in kitchen area. If they are getting ready in a hotel, sometimes the bathroom has good lighting. I like to keep some small studio lighting with me just in case the lighting situation isn't what I expected. However, if the bride has done a trial, then it lessens the stress of lighting because the makeup artist will already know the bride’s skin tone. (Noor)

9. Is there anything else you would like to tell our BFIW readers?

• Makeup is a huge part of your wedding day. It should be considered part of your wedding outfit. All eyes will be on you and when all is said and done- your pictures will remain with you forever! Just keep this in mind when you’re searching for your MUA. (Nalani)

Eye Do’s

1. Hire a makeup artist (MUA) that you trust.

2. Get a bridal makeup trial at least a month before! Send your MUA your favorite looks so she knows what you want before the trial.

3. Wear something in the color of your outfit for the trial, (so you can match your look accordingly.)

4. Get enough sleep the night before the big day.

5. Wear primer on your lids!

6. Concealer is your friend (and it will hide any lurking dark circles.)

7. Have your brows defined with a pencil or powder.

8. Use an eyelash curler. (They only look scary- they don’t hurt!)

9. Wear at least two coats of WATERPROOF mascara. (You don’t want mascara tears down those perfectly contoured cheeks. )

10. Get fake lashes! Have your MUA trim them to size and ensure they’re comfortable.

11. Smile and relax. You look beautiful and your fiancé won’t be able to take his eyes off you!


Well lovelies, hope these tips helped! If you have any more suggestions, sound off below. For now I leave you with a lovely quote by the philosopher, Rumi: “Your light is in my eye, your beauty is in my heart.” Le sigh.