From Frou-Frou to Space - Collections {Lakme Fashion Week 2014}

2014 Aug 20 - by Preeti
The winter collection of Lakme Fashion Week kicked off earlier today in Mumbai, India.

We saw hues like dull yellow, blush pink, hints of teal, dark blue and the classic black and white stripes in Archana Rao’s label “Frou Frou” collection.

Newspaper print detailing was a highlight that brought out the materials like transparent capes, barely opaque shirts and the floral appliqués.

She brought out the tradition behind the most common Japanese beverage - tea, in a "teaism" inspired clothing style.

To me, it was more a spring collection than a winter collection. It was neither inspirational nor depressing.

But at least she did not put together a burka filled space collection, like that of Amit Aggrawal.

Why yes... I would love to wear an Afghan inspired burka that looked like it ran over a pom pom in space. Most obviously the perfect wedding dress! ::rollseyes::

Bringing out the weird in haute couture, Amit Aggrawal's LFW collection of shiny red and blue burkas and dresses was on its own field.

Or planet.

If that black dress didn't inspire you, then you'll just love this red shuttlecock style outfit.

There is some hope with these gold dresses/outfits/thingamajigs.

LOOK ma, I can be a dilophosaurus too!

I think he took too much inspiration from Gaurav Gupta's space collection which watching a lot of Jurassic Park.

Showstopper Sushmita Sen proves she has the balls for wearing the interesting. Remember her at Kresha Bajaj? Well, she's sexy in black, but this transparent black striped pant-blouse is another level of...

<< O M G >>

Sush, who is your publicist?!! Because you really need to fire them and get into some Sabyasachi. You'd look hot in those saris.

On the upside, the wavy curls in your hair is AMAZING. Holy camolé, more Indian women need to have those soft curls in their hair. Straight hair is so passé.

Let's see what madness Lakme Fashion Week will bring us tomorrow.