Geometric Wedding Inspiration - Trends 2015

2014 Jun 24 - by Preeti
We're chatting with Ananya Cards, a luxury wedding invitation company, based in London, UK (and also BF Red Book Member) about geometric designs.

Geometric styles have been popular the last few years, mainly with the every chic Chevron patterns. But this year, they are starting to take off.

From dodecahedrons to floating hexagons, geometric styles can appear in any fashion at your wedding.

This geometric wedding defies gravity. Create by Blue Note Bakery, this upside down cake features little geometric pieces adorning the cake. Photo by Cory Ryan.

Geometric floral hangings. I never thought creating floral centerpieces in pyramid shapes could look both vintage chic AND daring. But here it is lovely: doing both! Think of Diwali lanterns adorned with flowers.

Geometric wedding tablescape. Forget the flowers, opt for these cute dodecahedrons in bright colors to light up your table. Photo by Lauren Fair Photography.

Geometric mehndi. Inspired by Moroccan henna patterns and modern geometric styles, your bridal mehndi would be beautiful with this delicate repeating look. Design & photo by Darcy of Henna Lounge.

And from their own collection. Vaishali says, "This bold range of wedding stationary showcases modern designs in vibrant shades, the hottest colors, and will set the right tone for your vivacious, fun celebrations."

From having a fully inspired geometric wedding to incorporating just a few elements, everyone can have graphic happy wedding. For more geometric inspiration, check out Ananya Cards board on Pinterest.