Groomed to Perfection: LFW Menswear Edition {from Lakme Fashion Week 2014}

April 3, 2014 - by Naureen

When it comes to weddings and fashion, we often forget about the male half of the population. A groom’s sherwani or suit is essentially an afterthought made to complement an Indian bride’s ornate ensemble. But, who says brides should get all the fun? We’re taking a stab at Lakme Fashion Week’s menswear and excited to share our favorites!

Shyamal and Bhumika width=

This year’s LFW collections offer a few surprisingly iconic pieces. Even my picky, but fashionably conscious husband found some outfits he liked. This may or may not have been the result of me drooling over the male eye candy present at LFW, but that’s another story.

Our first nod goes to Tarun Tahiliani and his fabulous Resort Collection. His pieces feature elements of bright European prints, Bidri work, jamavaar, and abstract art. Two key things to look for in menswear is fit and simple construction and Tahiliani nails both. An excess amount of bells and whistles can turn gaudy fast, but this designer ensures a streamlined look for his collection that is elegance personified. Tahiliani’s bundi wide salwars and classy sherwanis are the perfect fit for summer menswear.

Tarun Tahiliani - Lakme Fashion Week 2014-1093 width=Tarun Tahiliani - Lakme Fashion Week 2014-1142 width=Tarun Tahiliani at LFW SR 2014 (3) width=

Under the label SVA, Sonam and Paras Modi hit some high notes with this clean and classy look in their rustic-chic collection that they titled “Kasi.” The peach accents are the perfect means to color coordinate with a significant other’s outfit without going overboard.

SVA LFW 2014 width=

Another pair of designers who deserve high praise is Shantanu and Nikhil, the vintage experts. Their menswear collection, “The Shadows Within,” is simply stunning with its looped hem kurtas and varied textures and weaves. Take note brides and grooms-to-be, the embroidered cuffs and collars make these sherwanis wedding-ready perfection! The looks are really timeless and ideal for any season- not just summer. More modern grooms will appreciate the Indo-western touches that make the entire collection a seamless blend of trendy and traditional.

Shantanu and Nikhil- LFW 2014 width=Shantanu and Nikhil- LFW 2014 width=Shantanu and Nikhil- LFW 2014 width=

Our fourth and final favorite is Anju Modi and her dreamy chic, “Seeking Paradise” collection that featured menswear in bright blues and cheery tangerines. Modi’s collection showcased beautifully constructed, two-button jackets in elegant prints or shaded hues. The designer’s sherwanis were mid-length or flared for a royally-inspired look. The color combinations and intricate embroidery make these outfits perfect for any occasion. It doesn’t hurt that the models are extremely easy on the eyes. Just saying…

Anju Modi Lakme Fashion Week7 width=Anju Modi Lakme Fashion Week12 width=Anju Modi Lakme Fashion Week27 width=

While there were quite a few menswear collections that left us shaking our heads in dismay, we narrowed it down to the top three offenders.

Archana Kochhar’s “Paris Amour” collection deserved some amour for her womenswear. However, she should know that the Eiffel Tower should be left to printed canvases, coasters, and keychains. The Eiffel Tower, stripes, and ombre effects plastered on this kurta are just overkill.

Archana Kocchar-LFW2014 width=

Kunal Anil Tanna’s collection may have had some reasonably wearable pieces, but if anyone was daring enough to pull this outfit off, I foresee a chorus of “who wears short shorts!” Indeed, these flower power shorts rival Salman Khan’s ripped cutoffs in HDJPK.

Kunal Anil Tanna-LFW2014 width=

And our final mishap was courtesy of Narendra Kumar’s “Dark Love” designs. His collection featured extended, embellished lapels and ankle-length pants that were mostly questionable in terms of wearable fashion. And in reference to the ankle-length pants... no, we do not want an awkward glimpse of your calves.

Narendra Kumar at Lakme Fashion Week IMG_0972 width=

For the men who are scared to venture in the realm of fashion, just remember these wise words by designer Yves St. Laurent: “fashions fade, style is eternal.”

What was your favorite menswear look at LFW 2014? Sound off below!

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