Soumya & Jesse's Colorful Tamil Fusion Wedding {Austin, TX}

2014 Jan 4 - by Preeti
When this wedding arrived into our mailbox, it was really hard to not squee for joy. Lots of squee!!!

This adorable couple got engaged in France (tres romantique!) and had their wedding five short months later. You wouldn't believe it when you see the photos because everything is just exquisite.

These peacock inspired floral centerpieces (designed by Prashe Events). ::Swoons::

And the bride, Soumya, what an absolute happy and stunning bride. ::More swooning::

You will just have to see all the beautiful photos by Cory Ryan Photography and swoon away. The reds, the pinks, the peacock blues and purples, and the happy faces.

First, let's chat with Soumya about the wedding.

Tell us about the wedding!

Our wedding took place in Austin, TX at the Four Seasons Hotel. I am a Tamil Iyer and my husband is an American, so the ceremony was an Arya Samaj Hindu wedding.

Were there any special customs in your weddings?

We had a dinner the night before, but it was not a typical sangeet in that the music was our favorite tunes, and there wasn't dancing. It was mainly for his family, who are from Minnesota, to meet and hang out with my family and our mutual friends in Austin.

We did have a lady do mehendi on the women, which was a hit since a significant number of people there were non-Indian.

For the ceremony, we had his family pretty involved in the steps as per the Hindu tradition, and he did ride a white horse for a baraat. It was truly festive, colorful and special.

What was the hardest about planning the wedding?

Ironically, the best part of the wedding planning also turned into the hardest part. I wanted a fairly simple wedding that happened fairly soon after we became engaged. He proposed in December in France and we were married five months later. I loved that the decisions were relatively simple and quick to make due to the short time, but the hard part was there wasn't a lot of time to think through all the details. So essentially balancing my list of wants/desires, with the short time frame feasibility was a challenge.

What was your favorite part of the wedding?

The dancing at the reception. I truly, finally let loose and was able to dance with so many friends and family. And just laugh too! I was able to look around and see all the beautiful arrangements, look into people's eyes and see their enjoyment, hug my parents closely and be silly with my husband and friends.

What one piece of advice would you give future brides-to-be?

Make sure to allot time during the festivities to just hang out with friends and family, especially those who traveled from afar. There were so many people I wish I had more meaningful time with that weekend, and wish I had planned a separate time to just do that.

Thank you so much for sharing your wedding and we wish you and Jesse the very best!

{Wedding Suppliers}

Photographer: Cory Ryan Photography

Event: Prashe Decor

Venue: Four Seasons Hotel Austin

Carriage: Angeli Carriages

Music: DJ Manny