Live Fast, Die Young Manish Arora Spring Summer 2014 Collection

April 27, 2014 - by Nadya

A lot of the fashion we feature on the website is couture, runway-only, and otherwise unaccessible.  But not Manish Arora.  His stunning new collection for Spring and Summer is gorgeous and oh my gosh so easy to wear.

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Delhi-based Arora has been around since the 90s, sending out bright ready-to-wear pieces that carry his distinct pink and gold designs, along with his Indian heritage and modern flair. Previously, he worked as the creative director of the womenswear collection at Paco Rabanne.

With something like 40 vibrant looks, Arora's new spring and summer line will appeal to even the most neon-averse. It's all slouchy, embroidered, and accessorized top to bottom - there really is nothing in this collection I wouldn't wear.

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Maybe it's my Jasmine complex coming out, but I always love a mint green getup.  Add in that sari-layed skirt and those spiked earrings, and I'm completely ready to flaunt my Indo-Arab mashup down the high street.  I may even break into song.

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I'm not so sure about this lipstick motif.  I mean, it definitely screams M.I.A. (whose 'Bad Girls' song played during the runway show) album cover.  It's very club kid.  I guess I could be convinced it it came on a slouchy sweater.  I'm a sucker for a good slouch.

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Is anyone else living for this embroidery? It's so weird and on-point, I adore it.  And then there are those beaded bracelets.  Remember what I said about club kid chic?

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Yeah, I'm definitely digging that layered dhoti-type skirt.  Or is it a tulip skirt?  I don't know, I don't think tulips grow in Delhi.  I also love this change up in colors - the pink and gold is perfect, but this silver and mint is divine.  This whole collection is geometric, nicely challenging the slouchy look of the tops and the loose waists of the dresses.

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Luxurious layers, oh my gosh.  Seeing as this is basically my usual comfy wardrobe with like better textiles and a cleaner color palette, I can't help but lust after all of these layers!  Arora has a keen eye when it comes to pairing his pieces for optimal effect.  This outfit stands out from the others like a beacon of ready-to-wear - it's not pretentious, it doesn't require expert styling, it's just easy and eye-catching.

MA.19 width=


This, in my opinion, is the showstopper gown.  The delicate embellishments, the shift cut, and the headdress all scream flapper fashion, but the update incorporates Indo fashion so well it looks organically desi.  The colors and the tassels have never seen a speakeasy, but they look like vintage mughlai.

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After watching this runway show, I can honestly say I've been converted to neon.  Most of my closet consists of black and green, but I think Mr. Arora has convinced me to give highlighter pink a try.


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