Newlywed 101: 10 Kitchen Gadget Essentials for your Kitchen

2014 Oct 12 - by Naureen
So we’ve covered quite a few topics along the newlywed terrain, from moving in with your significant other to cooking basics, but we have something exciting in store for you today… kitchen gadgets! Trust me, even if you don’t cook, these essential basics can get you to MasterChef status. Aside from your staple sets of knives, pots and pans, and mixing bowls, there are quite a few gadgets and gizmos that you may need for your first kitchen. These additions will make the process of cooking fun, easy, and hopefully pain-free.

Photo Courtesy Atlanta Scott via Flickr

1. Stand Mixer (KitchenAid)

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• The price tag on a mixer may send you running, but this is when registries and Bed, Bath, & Beyond giftcards come in handy! It may seem like a frivolous purchase, but a solid stand mixer can save you in the form of delicious baked goods and sweets. I personally have used mine for everything from Ande Ka Halwa to Red Velvet Cake. If you’re a fan of hosting dinner parties or have a huge family that loves to visit, then this is well worth the investment.

2. Rice Cooker

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• This little life-saver is the most used tool in my kitchen! My husband is a traditionalist when it comes to dinner; so, rice is a required staple. This being said, I don’t particularly cooking rice on a daily basis. Thanks to my handy rice cooker, I can make 4 cups of rice within an hour. My rice cooker has a separate setting for brown rice and it keeps the rice warm until I am ready to serve! This is perfect for making enough rice for guests, while keeping the stove-top clear to cook other dishes.

3. Good Quality Blender (Vitamix, Bella)

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• Having a good quality blender is essential for those who love to shake things up, literally. It’s a godsend for making smoothies, shakes, and soups! My husband and I use our small Bella blender for green smoothies made of spinach, bananas, and almond milk. A good quality blender ensures a smooth finish to these shakes. The worst feeling ever is getting remnants of ingredients like spinach in the form of a grainy texture. Spend a little more and invest in a blender that will last and blend well!

4. Electric Kettle

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• A watched pot never boils! So if you're a chai aficionado, then an electric kettle is an absolute kitchen essential. The water boils in minutes and you can use it for baked goods, warm drinks, and medicinal purposes! If anything, you will look like a pro at desi parties you host because your chai is made in seconds. Beat that microwave wannabe chai!

5. Pressure Cooker.

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• Trying to cook dals without a pressure cooker is a long and grueling process. Get a pressure cooker and make your life easier!

6. Instant Read Thermometer

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• For those who love to bake, an instant read thermometer is an absolutely essential tool! It’s my go-to in cooking meats and seafood dishes. Use the thermometer to detect the internal temperature of your food. You do not want to consume or serve any under-cooked meats or fish, unless you’re a fan of Salmonella. Gross.

7. Toaster Oven

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• I know what you’re thinking and if you don’t have the counter-space, then this may not be for you. Regardless, a toaster oven is a quick and easy way to warm up small portions of foods. It’s also a great way to warm up rotis (flour tortillas) and personal pizzas! They can function as broilers, convection ovens and rotisseries, so they’re pretty versatile. Why limit yourself to a toaster with a maximum of four slots? Get a toaster oven. You won’t regret it!

8. Immersion Blender

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• For those who are unable to find or acquire a pressure cooker, there is a way to make smooth daal! Immersion blenders are handheld blenders that can be inserted right into a prep bowl or cooking pot to blend your food to your desired consistency. It works on a smaller scale as well in blending soups and smoothies, but it’s also useful if you need to whip some egg whites. It’s a nice tool to have on board when you’re cooking something difficult and grainy.

9. Food Processor

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• As desis, we love chutneys! To make these delicious relishes, food processors are your best friend. They come equipped with multiple blades and can mince and mix your spices, vegetables, or fruits together in perfect harmony. It’s also an essential item if you’re trying to make something in bulk quantity. I personally use my food processor to blend and cut garlic cloves, ginger, and cilantro to make my own ginger-garlic paste for various recipes. The freshness of homemade garnishes surpasses what you find in prepackaged versions at the Indian store!

10. Peelers

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• Potatoes are my favorite addition to any Indian dish. Aloo gobi, aloo mattar, anda aloo- the possibilities are endless. This being said, peeling a potato is a work of patience and perseverance. Having a good quality peeler helps save time and energy. It also reduces the risk of injuring yourself!

*Honorable mention: Rotimatic. It makes your rotis for you and that’s all I need to know. It’s definitely on my wish list!

Before you decide on another night of take-out, try tackling this list of newlywed kitchen essentials. Get your kitchen up to speed and you’ll be cooking up a storm of good eats. If you make biryani, invite me over. Share your recipes and tips below- we’d love to hear about your newlywed cooking adventures. IftaarFoodOverload_GIF_NA