15 Peony Bridal Bouquet Inspiration

2014 Apr 28 - by Preeti
If there is one flower I am head over heels in love with, it would be the peony.

The soft, sweet fragrance and the whimsical petals can fill anyone's heart with happiness. And while today we associate the peony as a the distinctive bridal wedding flower, this dainty flower has held revered status in many cultures and societies.

The 17th-18th Chinese dynasties revered the peony and was a motif in many paintings. The Qing dynasty even considered the peony as the national flower. In Japan, the peony is used as a repeating pattern in textiles and even woodblock printing. Today, peonies are popular Japanese tattoos, which can turn out to be very beautiful, or a train wreck of a mess.

via Japan Collection

Most of all, peonies brighten our day. Their petals are known for medicinal qualities, but most of us just need a whiff of this romantic flower to put our minds at ease.

They are absolutely whimsical in colors ranging from pastel pinks and whites to dark magentas.

Let's fall in love again with 15 beautiful peony bouquets.

A pure white, pure peony bouquet


Bright summer bouquet in yellow, green, and pink. Flowers include peonies, succulents, freesias, and snapdragons.


Champagne blush peonies with peach color peonies.

A fall bouquet with dark purple violets, white ranuculas, and pink peonies.

Ombre assortment of pink, purple, and orange peonies.

Hot pink and purple peony and dahlia bouquet.

Dark pink and magenta roses and ranuculus with a single blood red peony.

Adorable 'do tell' peonies with dahlias and roses.

Pure pink collection of peonies.

Garden roses and peonies in a springtime bouquet.

Green and pink peony bouquet with delicate wildflowers.

Duel toned pink peonies with crystals and an oversized bow.

Rustic bouquet with all peonies and wheat stalks.

Simple peony wedding bouquet without stem wrap.