Priyanka & Sandy's Lovely Engagement {Georgia}

2014 Jul 15 - by Preeti
So I think I just feel in love with this bride.

I mean how beautiful is she?! And the long sleeve blue, red, green chenia cholia, is stunning. Priyanka has just walked out of a classic black and white Bollywood film.

She and fiancé Sandy had a Hindu engagement followed by a photo-shoot with Gagan Dhiman.

Photographer Gagan Dhiman shares how he met Sandy and Priyanka:

In December 2013, Sandy the owner of an Indian restaurant called Taste of India called me to set up a photo shoot for him. We decided the date of the shoot as the 1st of January. During the shoot he confided in me that he was going to use the photos on a matrimonial website because his parents wanted him to get married soon.

It worked! After just a few weeks on the matrimonial website he met Priyanka, who lives on the other side of the coast in Santa Clara, California and goes to graduate school there.

Once their parents started talking, they decided that they were a good match. So when Sandy called and requested me to do the engagement photo shoot I was very excited! The engagement ceremony took place at Sandy's brother's home in Pooler. It was a traditional ceremony.

After that, Sandy, Priyanka and I headed downtown to the historic district of Savannah to do a photo shoot for just the two of them. And, I will also be photographing their wedding.

Thank you for sharing their story Gagan!