Radhika & Vakreshvara's Garden Vedic Ceremony {Miami, Florida}

2014 Apr 25 - by Preeti
There are three things about today's wedding that are just amazing (besides the gorgeous couple of course).

1. The vegan cake

2. The bright colors in a green garden

3. The vegan cake

When I spoke to the photographer, the bride, and groom, one of their most memorable moments that delicious vegan cake by House of V. I'm just going to sit here, be jealous, and oogle at these photos instead.

Radhika and Vakreshvara had an outdoor wedding at the Vrinda Meditation Gardens in Miami, Florida. You couldn't ask for a more beautiful place for a wedding! The bright colors completed the luscious greens, statues of deities filled around the area, and dozens of thalis of fruit and coconut could be found.

Radhika bought her red lengha in New Jersey at Saahil Exclusive Boutique. She looked exquisite with the red veil floating over her.

She matched it with a purple and white jaimala, while her husband went with a red and white garland. I love how each had their own.

I'll let our lovely bride share her story. Grab your chai for these amazing wedding photos thanks to Lotus Eyes Photography.

Tell us about the wedding!

It was a Vedic Ceremony that was outdoors and very intimate with only 50 guests. The color theme was orange and hot pink. I wanted it to have very vibrant colors that would out stand in the middle of nature.

Even though we come from a Latin American culture, Colombia, we have been following Vedic culture for the past 10 years as our religious path. It was very interesting to our friends and family, who all come from Latin American culture as well, to experience this type of ceremony, and they all loved it.

What was the inspiration for your wedding?

Krishna, Love and nature.

What was the hardest part about wedding planning?

That I was my own wedding planner by choice, but I loved being able to customize everything to my personal taste.

Did you do any DIY (do it yourself) or special projects/things at the wedding?

Yes! Probably 75% of the decoration was made, arranged, and put together by myself.

- Tent decor

- ""Jay Radha Krishna"" banner hanging from the tent

- Place cards

- Favors

- Center pieces

- Ring bearer pillow

I am sure there was more too!

What was your favorite part of the wedding?

- The exchange of vows &

- the cake made by House of V. All vegan, organic and decorated with edible flowers.

What words of advice do you have for future brides/grooms-to-be?

- Select the best Photography work you can, even if it means spending a little extra, it's all worth it. It is the only thing that remains from your special day.

- Enjoy every stage of the wedding, from the planning to the reception. It only happens once in a lifetime.

Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous wedding! Wish you both the very best in life!

{Wedding Suppliers}

Photographer: Lotus Eyes Photography, Orlando, Florida

Cake: The House of V, Miami, Florida

Officient: Kalki Avatar, Miami, Florida

Location: Vrinda Meditation Garden, Miami, Florida