Purvi Doshi's Resort Renaissance Collection {Lakme Fashion Week 2014}

2014 Mar 16 - by Nadya
Purvi Doshi, the sleek, modern, but inextricably traditional designer from Gujurat, showed a resort collection at this year's Lakme Fashion Week.

Her pieces featured color blocking and intricate embroidery.  Together with full skirts and twirling models, Doshi presented an eye-catching yet subtle interplay of classic looks and spirit.  She is obviously dressing the older woman we all strive to be.


I adore the way Doshi uses the embroidery to add details in places you would not expect.  Obviously the inspired bit of this outfit is the pleated jacket, but combined with those cold shoulders and the embroidery that feels almost like a bonus you have a statement piece.


At times, Doshi's anarkalis don't really feel all that interesting.  She adds in beautiful details like that open back or dark undersides on the arms, but still the look overall feels a little flat.  That being said, I love the Aladdin shoes and this dress does look like it stepped out of a Mughlai period piece somehow.


More twirling!  I adore this look.  Between the two-tone shoulders and the red-stripe, lipstick detail on the underside of the dress, I think this outfit plays with our perception of classic.  Again the embroidery features in a subtle way that doesn't take your attention away from the pure fun of this dress.



Mm, this is by far my favorite look in the collection.  The collar look is playful with that cutout and the pleats in the jacket remind me of classic Gujurati male raas tops.  With all the skirts and anarkalis, these pants are unexpected yet oh so cool.  I can definitely imagine this woman walking into the office and commanding it all.


It's like Maid Marian rolled up to Lakme.  Those sleeves are Sleeping-Beauty chic.  The skirt does threaten to blow up into a circus tent, but I think I can overlook that for the beauty of this medieval-Indian fusion.



And here she is.  Purvi Doshi walked the runway in one of her own lovely looks.  I love the shoulder cutouts, which are, once again, subtle and almost like a secret detail.  The bodice is on point, and that midnight blue looks so luxurious.  All in all, a lovely collection which looks simple (and sometimes drab) on the surface but delivers inspired twists on classic looks.