Sabyasachi's Steampunk Inspired Collection {Lakme Fashion Week 2013}

2014 Jan 4 - by Preeti
Sabyasachi Mukerjee is the man. He can take any fabric and turn it into a work of art. At Lakme Fashion Week, he put on two stunning collections. One was decidedly inspired by the period of excess, the 1920s, and the other, was the alternate universe of the industrialization era, steampunk.

It was glitter meets lace meets bad-ass.

Let's start with 1920s grandeur. There are lots of lace, ombre glittered saris, and my favorite, hoop nose rings. I love how Sabyasachi is bringing back the old, traditional jewelry styles.

And long sleeves! Woohoo! Who knew long sleeves could make a sari even more seductive?

And now, for the best part of the show: steampunk. Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction set in the industrialized and Victorian eras. It's an alternate universe of fashion and living. Sabyasachi's Indian Steampunk version is spot on. The googles, the straight line pants and jackets, the bold makeup, he didn't miss a beat.

I am just going to let you oogle at all the gorgeous jackets, dresses and steampunk saris. Because that is just badass.