Sulakshana's Hot Pink Inspired Collection {India Couture Week 2014}

July 23, 2014 - by Preeti

Sulakshana Monga's couture sari and anarkali collection in hot pinks and silvers provided a refreshing look at Indian couture design.

And her collection was art imitating art. Because most of the long sleeve saris reminded me of Disney movie's Maleficent.

I think this model captured the witch perfectly!

Sulakshana India Couture Week 25 width=Sulakshana India Couture Week 22 width=Sulakshana India Couture Week 27 width=

Ileana D'cruz walked the ramp in a neon pink and silver and sari. While her ponytail hairdo was a bit pedestrian, I liked the simple blush makeup and lack of jewelry. Adding jewelry would just create a layer of gaudiness we don't need.

Sulakshana India Couture Week 30 width=Sulakshana Designer | India Couture Week 2014-32 width=

Be sure to catch the rest of India Couture Week, with all the fabulous designers: Sabyasachi, Anju Modi, Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers, Monisha Jaising, Rimple & Harpreet Narula, Varun Bahl, Rina Dhaka, and Rohit Bal.

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