The 16 Stages of Bridal Wedding Madness

2014 Feb 17 - by dulhan
As a bride planning your wedding, there are so many things to plan, people to organize, and outfits to find. From one moment of being ecstatic about finding the dress of your dreams to the next, when you find out that your venue is under ten feet of snow with a collapsed roof, wedding planning is the ultimate roller coaster of emotions.

After talking to real brides, we created a list of the cycle of emotions faced being a bride-to-be. What's a wedding without a dash of the crazy Indian bride anyway?!

1. Utter excitement over the proposal:

2. When you realize that now you have to plan a whole wedding and basically the rest of your life:

3. When you realize it's not actually feasible to book Jay Sean for the reception:

4. Everyone asking how much weight you will lose:

5. Dealing with everyone else's opinions about how the wedding should go:

6. Aunties, every time you put something "modern" or "gorda" in your wedding:

7. Being forced by your mother/aunties to practice obscure religious rituals that you don't actually understand. Or really, no one understands except the priest:

At least, you're trying, okay?!

8. Slowly losing your mind as the wedding gets closer:

9. Feeling fabulous after your hands are decorated with mehendi:


10. That moment when you become a bridezilla:

11. What you think getting ready the night before is going to be like:

12. What getting ready the night before the wedding is actually like:

Some Girls Gif

13. But then the wedding day arrives, and it's like you are starring in a classic Bollywood love story:


14. Finally sitting down and enjoying your loved ones celebrating your new life with your husband:


15. Post-party-em depression:

16. Leaving for your honeymoon (and never looking back):

And there you have it, the stages of bridal wedding madness. We just hope bridezilla doesn't become one of your stages.