The Best & Worst Bollywood Celebrity Wedding Looks 2014

2014 Dec 14 - by Preeti
a href="">2014 saw many of the Bollywood elite getting married, and many making the wedding rounds.

Some celebrities were in style, always (we're looking to you lovely Sonam Kapoor), but others, well, their personal stylists might have confused wedding with "rodeo".

First up, let's look at our darling brides!

Sameera Reddy wore navari inspired sari for her Maharashtrian wedding. I love the classic sari style, henna, and jewelry. All around gorgeous!

Okay, here's the truth, I can't stay I was head over heels over Ahana Deol's sangeet outfit. It's a nice seagreen-blue lengha, but it didn't hit it out of the ballpark. Plus the whole family looked mismatched. Esha's fiery orange and white lengha is party-party style, but her husband in royal purple does not complement. This was a potpourri of wedding outfits.

On the other hand, the wedding clothes were gorgeous. Pinks and reds, everyone looked like they belong together. So note to self: while you don't have to be matchy matchy for your family wedding pics, don't wear colors that make you contrast like a Picasso painting.

Dia Mirza, knows how to style. Her wedding dresses were classic yet modern. The rich royal purple with gold embroidered salwar for the sangeet, the shabby chic seagreen and beige wedding lengha, the ethereal orange and cream reception outfit, and even the pop yellow salwar for the mendhi. Dia's wedding was our favorite.

Aamna Sharif, you take my breathe away. The triple strand hatta pathi maang tikka with a single strand - gorgeous.

Raageshwari Loomba wed Sudhanshu Swaroop at the very end of 2013, but I'll let this wedding slide for 2014. We love her pastel pink, cream, and gold wedding outfit.

Our last Bollywood bride of 2014, Arpita Khan, was hit and miss. The wedding reception lengha in pista green?? Really? Are you trying to look like a kulfi?

Her wedding lengha with two giant double strand necklaces? Badass. There's really no beating a 14 stranded kundan necklace.

The guests at the weddings

Sonam, your wedding style is amazing. Not even gonna comment.

Kabir Bedi wore a colorful turban and simple sherwani. He's festive and stylish.

Simple pink ombre sari with a wide border and gold blouse - classy. Deepika Padukone even had stylish jhumka earrings.

No matter how famous you are, wearing a bandana on your head just makes you like a hooligan. A very rich and silly hooligan Shah Rukh Khan.

Jaya Bachchan wore a silk sari and in typical old Bollywood way, swept us off our feet. Aishwarya Rai puke pink salwar kameez on the other hand...ugh.

Great outfit, terrible color. This is what we call Pepto Bismol pink. Just.don'

What did we learn from these Bollywood weddings?

1. Pink can go very very wrong - Pick the right shade and mix it with two other colors. Never let pink be alone.

2. Don't wear a bandana or tee-shirt to a wedding because you're male. You look like a douche.

3. Be careful of outfits in only one color (Ahana's powder blue monstrosity), it rarely works outside of black and white.

Let's see what 2015 brings us in celebrity weddings!