Valentine Heart Cookies with Lacey Henna

2014 Feb 11 - by Preeti
Valentine's Day is right around the corner and what could be more romantic than whipping something sweet and delectable?

Besides getting dressed up in something red, something pink, we figured some baking is in order too.

These sugar cookies are perfect to share with friends and coworkers or anyone you want to impress. Or yourself, no one said you can't make cookies for yourself!

These heart shaped sugar cookies with lace henna designs are my favorite.

I mean, aren't they A.MAZ.ING? And just oh so adorable?

What inspired me to do these patterns was Bipasha Basu's red and white Rohit Varma lengha with heart piping. I could totally wear this for Valentine's Day!

The key to making these cookies is to have well whipped icing and small cones for piping. I've gone over the perfect royal icing. For the sugar cookies, I used The Art of The Cookie's sugar recipe (best recipe ever), and a teaspoon of rose water. Because we all love rose infused treats!

To get a bright red color, you'll need the Americolor Super Red food coloring gel. You'll need to add to add 10-15 drops of it, and while you mix, the icing will turn dark orange. Let it sit for 30 minutes and the color will continue to darken until you get a bright red.

For the burgundy, add a tiny dash of Americolor Black. I mean TINY. Otherwise, you will end up with brown and that will look gross.

Once you let the royal icing colors sit for a few minutes, then put them in the cones. Whatever you do, don't overfill your cone or it will ooze out of the top of the cone.

When you decorate the cookies, start from one of the "corners" of the heart. And by corners I mean the bottom tip and the two curvy parts. This will help you plan your piping.

For more dessert ideas, we have the yummy macarons, easy kulfi, or a mango burfi. Yum yum!

Happy Valentine's Day!