6 Do's and Don'ts of Red Lipstick {Makeup Mantra}

January 18, 2014 - by Shriya

Red lipstick is a fashion favorite for good reason: it makes any woman look bold and fearless! Since the bright shade draws attention to your lips, red lipstick is the perfect accessory to a glowing smile.

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However, it is important to keep these red lipstick rules in mind, lest a "Code Red" is called on a makeup disaster!

DO embrace the range of red!

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{photo by Amna Hakim via Asma & Mohammad's wedding}

From firetruck red to deep burgundy, red lipstick comes in many shades. Different colors will accent different skin tones. Desi women should keep in mind that with our olive toned skin, orange-red is a good color to make our lips pop.

Burgundy or wine can be safer colors, or even transition tones, for women who aren't yet ready to fully rock the red lips look.


DON'T overdo the rest of your makeup.

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Red lipstick is a pretty bold choice - and one that should be allowed to stand out on its own! Too much blush or colorful eyeshadow will distract from the lustrous look and risk you looking like a circus clown.

Photo courtesy of www.glamour.com.


DO apply carefully.

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{via 7 Super Easy DIY Bridal Tips}

Red lipstick must be applied very very carefully to avoid bleeding color all over your mouth or teeth. Make sure to use a lip liner before applying, and blot between applications!


DON'T forget to regularly check-up and reapply if necessary!

Once red lipstick starts bleeding outside of your lip line or feathering, it's time to pull out the stop signs.

Touch-up your lipstick with a reapplication or blotting when necessary, and keep an eye on your lips every once in a while. Everybody else will be looking too - and you don't want to be the spectacle of the show!


DO flash a bright smile!

jesenka-265-1 width=

{via Jesenka's NYC wedding}

Why wear red lipstick if you're not going to put your smile on spotlight? Flash those pearly whites - they're perfectly complimented with a bright bold lipcolor!


DON'T get lipstick on your teeth.

Makeup Tips Lipstick 1 width=

Make sure to double-check a mirror before your start your dazzling smile show. Red lipstick stains teeth and can be quite tough to get off. Try the Vaseline-on-the-teeth trick to prevent any stray color and blot carefully after applying to make sure excess color doesn't end up on your teeth.

Photo courtesy of www.glamour.com.


If you're attempting to rock the red lips yourself, consider some of my favorite tried and true lipsticks and lip stains:

Lush Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in Mulberry Wine - This long-lasting lipstick is creamy and pigmented for a deep lip color. I like Mulberry Wine because it's got a metallic magenta shade that has hints of brown in it - perfect for a day at the office turning into a night out!

Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Forever Fuschia - This is my go-to lip stain because it's highly pigmented and the bright pink gives off a fun electric vibe! It stays on all day, no reapplications needed (but you might need to keep your lips moisturized here and there.)

MAC Lipstick in MAC Red - This classic firetruck lipstick is the only red lipstick you'll ever need for bold lips! It's matte, yet surprisingly not drying. I highly recommend this one as your trusty red sidekick!

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