10 Wedding Fashion Trends from Lakme & Amazon's India Fashion Weeks 2015

2015 Mar 30 - by Shriya
This year's Indian Fashion Week season was focused on spring and summer wear, ranging from light pastels to bold hues. Textured fabrics and varied hem lengths added a unique volume to the outfits displayed, and there was definitely a lot to take in.

Wedding attire in warmer weather calls for the usual bright colors and floaty fabrics seen at most Indian weddings, but this year's fashion shows went above and beyond the obvious trends. Mixed and matched cloths, deeper colors, and non-floral designs signal some of the main trends we'll see this year's wedding season. Here are the 10 wedding trends to note in this year's spring/summer fashion:

1. Multicolor

Ashima Leena's collection showcased this summer's must-have trend: multicolor outfits. Gone are the days of ombre obsession, and in are the contrasts and complements of mixed colors. This summer wedding season will feature plenty of bright yellows, pinks, and blues - like this outfit. Expect some pastels and metallics mixed together in sweeping lehenga cholis too.

2. Gold Accents

Iika by Anaiika showcased all pastel designs with gold accents. Silver was used at Lakme this year as well, but gold was overwhelming popular for beading and embroidery. Many bridal outfits, especially for the reception, feature gold or silver beading for emphasis. With the warmer months approaching, I predict brides will follow this trend and opt for the brightness of gold jewelry and statement pieces over silver.

3. Black and White

Anamika Khanna's Grand Finale featured lots of showstoppers, all of whom were decked out in black and white (or silver) outfits. It's not a common summer look, but this collection reminds us that black and white are the ultimate neutrals. Indian brides (and wedding guests) often go for the bright, red lehengas and yellow sarees, but there's a newfound appreciation for the classic neutral pairing of black and white.

4. Geometric and Floral

Shilpa Reddy's collection defied the misconception that you can either go with a geometric pattern or a floral one. Floral geometric is definitely a thing, and it's beautiful - adding traditional elements to a very spring design. Flowers are a popular motifs amongst South Asian brides, with jasmines and roses holding special significance. However, the unique angles and maintained symmetry of a jacket blouse like this one is an understated fashion.

5. Neon Colors

Anushree Reddy showed us our dream, princess bride outfits with lots of bright pinks and neon colors. Of course, summer is the best time for neon skirts and multiple bright accents on an outfit. And this season, there's no such rule that you can only pick one neon color to highlight your outfit - so go all out and steal all the attention! Both brides and wedding guests can depend on bold skirts and eyecatching colors to update their wedding wardrobes.

6. Vibrant Prints

Indian designs are known for elaborate prints like paisley and peacock feather - and Neha Agrawal made this known to the world in her silky, printed collection. Whether it's geometric, floral, or animal motif, the prints are best accompanied by bright colors and light, silky fabric. Consider a printed maxi skirt for the summer or a bright silk scarf for a statement piece. These would suit more casual bridal ceremonies, such as lunches or showers, or they can be worn by spring/summer wedding guests.

7. Minimalist Patterns

Gaurang Shah's classic collection reminded us that amongst the bright colors and heavy prints, there's also beauty in simplicity.  Deep colors like blue and yellow will stand the test of time and look great for any season. A simple outfit with a patterned underskirt accent, like this one, is perfect for a bride to wear to her mehndi ceremony, where her arms will be decorated with henna.

8. Cropped Blouses

Karleo by Karan Berry and Leon Vaz presented a collection full of the popular crop top, in the form of cropped blouses and shirts. Maybe you've been working on your summer body and you want a chance to show it off on your wedding day, or maybe you'd rather hide your stomach while still exposing a bit of skin, Taylor Swift style. The cropped blouse is perfect with a high waisted choli or even a jacket - it's classy and fun at the same time.

9. High Collars

Nishka Lulla's collection used lots of sheer fabric to play on the concept of a low-cut collar. The subtle appeal of the lacey or net fabric over a more revealing bralette made for a creative and fabulous fashion trend. It's perfect for outdoor wedding receptions, or events in India, when hot weather requires a bit more skin bearing, but the collar maintains a level of classic elegance.

10. Fabric Contrast

The most common trend of Lakme and Amazon India Fashion Weeks was the playful mixture of different fabrics. Heavy jute would be paired with silk while sheer net might find itself draped over linen for a voluminous look. Many designers, including Payal Singhal, contrasted the soft and sturdy fabrics available to them to create a multi-layered, textured outfit. This trend will be utilized in bridal fashion, through layered jacket blouses or poofy skirts with silk cutouts, but it's also a general fashion trick to look more put together and express your creativity.

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