5 Colors That Prove You Don't Need To Wear Red To Your Wedding

2015 Oct 27 - by dulhan
Just like some people assume all brides wear white, there's also the misconception that all desi brides select red outfits for their nuptials.

As a bride-to-be, I've realized that you can certainly put your own spin on tradition; wearing an outfit in an unconventional shade is a great way to do this. When I got engaged I was completely overwhelmed by all the decisions I would have to make. One thing was clear, though: I knew I didn't want to wear classic red for my wedding. I envision myself in a pastel-colored outfit and while that might not be the norm, it feels like the right choice for me.

There are so many options for brides who want to stand out by wearing an unusual shade. These five colors below are a few of my favorites.

1. Turquoise: There is something so regal about a shade of blue. While royal blue may be too primary for a bride and baby blue may not be vibrant enough for a desi wedding, turquoise is just right. It's bold and unpredictable, yet not overpowering. It also helps that a bright shade like turquoise looks fantastic on warm-toned South Asian skin.


2. White: Indian brides don't traditionally marry in white - but didn't I just say that I'm all about putting a new spin on tradition? A shade of white, cream or ivory will look stunning even on a desi bride, especially if there's plenty of metallic detailing. A crisp white-and-gold outfit is especially perfect for brides who are marrying someone from a different culture.

3. Hot pink: If you don't want to stray too far from classic red, why not opt for hot pink? The shade offers the same brightness you get from a red outfit but still manages to put a distinctive twist on the usual. It's especially perfect for a summer wedding.

4. Gray: This shade is the perfect compromise between a pastel and a neutral. The color looks lovely on all complexions and will lend a bit of softness to your overall look. It may not be a typically bridal shade but it is a classic color.

5. Blush: The photo above may show a woman in a gown....but how gorgeous would this shade look on a lengha? Blush is such feminine shade - it truly just feels bridal. This is an excellent shade for a woman who plans to get married in the spring.

Will you be wearing classic red on your big day? Would you rather change it up and do something different? Tell us below! There are no rules, so feel free to make it your own!