A Modern Gujarati Jain Wedding {Pune, India}

March 6, 2015 - by Preeti

Our lovely couple today celebrates a Gujarati Jain wedding in Pune, India. There's confetti, a beautiful gharchola, and stunning wedding decor.

Bride Jigesha shares her wedding with us!

We had a Jain Gujarati wedding. We are both from the US, and have family in Pune, we wanted a semi-big wedding at a nice location. We settled with a sangeet at Corinthian Club, and the wedding was at Hotel O.

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The hardest part was trying to get everything done ourselves. It was difficult to coordinate things with the decorators; a wedding planner could have helped! My advice is to get a wedding planner and don't do it all on your own.

In the end, we had great decoration and great food. It was fantastic being able to celebrate this week with my family and friends.

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Thank you Jigesha for sharing your wedding with us!

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{Wedding Vendors}

Photography: Rish Photography

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