Arti & Karthik's Destination India Wedding {Hyderabad}

2015 Jan 13 - by Preeti
Another South Indian wedding to fall in love with! I can never get over those beautiful saris, and the yummy food, and the amount of fun South Indians have at weddings.

It's a real party! Like the Atlanta South Indian wedding that featured a T-rex luge. Or the Texas South Indian fusion wedding with a gondola ride!

Arti shares her wedding story:

Both of our parents grew up in the same city in India and even though we live in the United States, we found that Indian weddings are much more festive in India. Having a wedding in India was the perfect compromise to hold a majestic ceremony which older family members could attend without worrying themselves with travel.

Another advantage to having a wedding in India was that it made last minute planning a breeze. India is the only place where we were able to plan last minute things, such as the groom riding up to the wedding ceremony site on a horse, just three days before the wedding!

What was the planning process like?

My mother had gone to India about eight months before the wedding to check out the reception sites and tentatively book a location, look at the hotel rooms and start looking for clothing designers.

Plus, if a family member or friend lives in the destination… Put them to work! Attending guests worked together to ensure that everyone would be able to make it to the wedding. Guests who already live in India arranged rides for travelers coming from the airport and assisted in booking hotel rooms.

What was the hardest part about planning?

Most people in India run on ‘Indian-Standard-Time’ so we were worried that the priest who was marrying us would be late. We were especially worried because the Indian tradition of tying the knot around the bride’s neck (similar to putting a ring on one’s finger in American weddings) must be at an exact time of say based on the couple’s horoscopes.

Ours was at 10:11 a.m. and luckily our priest was there well before time!

What was the best part of the wedding?

Our guests and family still talk about how wonderful our wedding was even though it has been months since our wedding date! Our younger family members all want to get married in India now after seeing how incredible our wedding experience was.

Thanks so much for sharing your wedding with us!

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Photographer: Erika Parker Photography, New Orleans, Louisiana