Bridesmaid Gift Etiquette 101

2015 Nov 25 - by dulhan
You've chosen your bridesmaids, selected their dresses and ironed out their roles in your wedding - but there's still one thing left for you to do: Figure out a way to thank your girls for being by your side on the biggest day of your life.

It's no secret that being a bridesmaid is expensive and sometimes inconvenient. It's a big honor when a friend asks you to be a part of her wedding, but let's not forget that being a bridesmaid isn't easy.

Should you get your bridesmaids gifts? Yes, but they don't have to be material gifts. You should definitely do something to show you appreciate the part your bridesmaids played in your wedding, though. These five ideas are all options.

1. Throw a bridesmaid dinner/brunch: If you aren't sure what gift to choose for your bridal attendants, consider hosting an event for them. You could invite all of them to dinner at a nice restaurant or treat them to a home cooked meal. If you and your bridal party live in the same city, host it a few weeks after the wedding. If they'll be traveling for the big day, consider treating them to a nice meal or event during your bachelorette weekend.

2. Write them long cards: If you're on a tight budget or simply don't know what gift to choose for your bridesmaids, this might be the best option for you: Consider choosing (or making) cards with long messages. Express your gratitude, share some of your favorite memories and most of all, truly make an effort to personalize the messages to suit your relationship with each bridesmaid.

3. Pay for their hair/makeup: If you want your bridesmaids to have their hair and/or makeup done for the big day, consider surprising them by paying for the service. Doing this can certainly count as a gift, especially if you couple it with a sweet card.

4. Treat them to a wedding pre-party: Invite the girls over for a pre-wedding day of pampering. Provide snacks, drinks, robes, makeup and other fun tokens of gratitude and encourage them to treat themselves while you all get ready for the main event.

5. Buy small gifts: If you want to go the traditional route, you should definitely pick up small gifts for your bridesmaids. Some examples of great gifts? Costume jewelry, high-end lipsticks, scented candles, beautiful picture frames, personalized coffee mugs....

What do you plan on doing for your bridesmaids? We would love to hear more ideas!