Fifty Shades of Pink {Wedding Inspiration}

2015 Feb 7 - by dulhan
It's almost Valentine's Day, so we can't ignore the magical, pretty shades of pink that pop up around this holiday. From bold magenta to a shy pastel, pink consists of a wide range of hues that can fit any personality. After covering all the colors of the rainbow: from Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple - it's time to give our proper attention to a favorite, lovable pink.

Here are 50 shades of pink wedding inspiration:


Translucent Salmon Saree, from Anju Modi's Marnikarnika Collection

Shimmery Pink and Gold Gown, from Anjalee and Arjun Kapoor

Dazzling Ombre Pink Gown, by Falguni & Shane Peacock

Pastel Pink Bridesmaids Dresses, photo by Camera Famosa Photography

Dreamy Light Pink Gown, from Suneet Varma's Kamasutra Collection

Salmon Bridesmaids Gowns, photo by Jen Huang Photography

Magenta Sequined Dupatta, photo by Kimberly Photography


Magenta Sequins and Centerpieces, photo by Keith Cephus Photography

Magenta Floral Garland, photo by Alders Photography

Pink Petal Aisle, photo by Lin & Jirsa

Bright Pink Bridal Party Bouquets, photo by John Patrick Images

Pink Rose Petal Walkway, photo by Tara Sharma Photography

Pink and Orange Floral Decor, photo by Gucio Photography

Pink Flower Headpiece, photo by Elizabeth McDonnell Photography

Faded Rustic Bouttonniere, photo by Weddings by Nicole and Glen

Wildflower Embedded Signpost, photo by The Wedding Artist's Collective

Hued Carnation Centerpiece, photo by Vero Suh Photography

Floating Magenta Flowers, photo by Aaron Delesie Photography

Pink Roses on a Vine, photo by Megan Reeves Photography

Subtle Pink Table Accents, photo by Connie Dai Photography

Bright Pink Accent on Wintery Decor, photo by Kay English Photography

Cakes and Treats

Coral Floral Cake, photo by PhotoHouse Films

Raspberry Rose Macarons, by Fleur de Farine

Ombre Pink Wedding Cake, from Couture Cakery

Rosemilk Falooda

Jaipur Julep Mocktail

Pink Peacock Wedding Cake, photo by John Patrick Images

Homemade Rose Kulfi

Pink Rose Wedding Cake Topper, photo by Wendy Laurel

Rose Wedding Cake Decor, photo by Catherine Mead Photography


Flowing Pink Ribbons, photo by Gucio Photography

Satin Pink Mandap, photo by Nadia D. Photography

Glittery Bridal Shoes, photo by Camera Famosa Photography

Pink and Gold Bangle Display, photo by Kimberly Photography

Deep Pink Wedding Invitations, photo by Ten2Ten Photography

Sunset Pink Table Setting, photo by SYPhotography and Design House

Floral Entwined Newlywed Swing, photo by Snapshot Studio

DIY Champagne Glitter Glasses

Pink Paper Parasols, photo by Jihan Abdalla Photography

Deep Pink Drapings, photo by Carrie Wildes Photography

Printed Pink Tablecloths, photo by Jose Villa Photography

Translucent Pink Chalice, photo by Ruth Eileen

Pink and Orange Table Runner, photo by SMITTEN Weddings

Pink Ribbon Chair Hangings, photo by Kate Webber Photography

Bold Magenta Shoes, photo by One and Only Paris Photography