7 Indian Wedding Jewelry Trends for 2016

2015 Aug 23 - by Preeti
I love Indian International Jewelry Week. LOVE. Too many pretty jewels, too little time.

And I am especially excited to see how brides can show these 2016 trends. Traditional, funky, over the top, there is serious innovation in Indian jewelry styles this year. Here are our seven trends for 2016.

Crown style maang tikkas

Forget the classic and even upbeat mang tikka styles. Grab your necklace and convert it to a crown style tikka.

Extra chunky necklaces

Chunky, extra large, oversized; they don't begin to describe the super huge statement pieces. Some are multi-strands while others are a single, super large piece.

Asymmetric necklaces

Think peacocks and partial wrap around necklaces.

Double down

Double stranded necklaces have never been so popular!

Funky earrings

Revised jhumkas, artsy bohras, and 1920s Gatsby-esque tassel earrings.

The modern traditional

Want your traditional gold? Tanishq's jewelry line maintains the classic styles while keeping up with the times.

Diamonds are still a girl's best friend

Indeed they are.

Rubies, sapphires, and diamonds oh my! Enjoy lovelies!