Manish Malhotra's WEvolve Blue Collection {Lakme Fashion Week 2015}

2015 Mar 19 - by Preeti
Celebrated couture designer Manish Malhotra joined forces with Hollywood actress Rosario Dawson to present The Blue Runway at Lakme Fashion Week Summer 2015. Together they launch WEvolve, partnered with the World Bank, a global campaign and program aimed at empowering young men and women to challenge norms that lead to gender violence. The WEvolve program draws on the power of creative industries – including mass popular culture, fashion and social media – to empower young people to challenge norms that lead to gender violence.

The social and economic costs of gender violence is staggering. 5.2 percent of the global GDP, or $4.4 trillion dollars, is lost each year due to the violence. More than 30 percent of women have been or are in a relationship that involves physical or sexual violence.

And violence isn't just geared towards women, an estimated 156 million men globally were married before their 18th birthday.

It was fascinating to watch the models parade signs: Justice, Equality, Gender, Humanity, Society

The Blue Runway's color palette was naturally dominated by hues of blue from powder to midnight, with bold touches of variations of yellow; reflecting the promise of a bright future.

Manish did bring an unprecedented collection of beautifully embroidered clothing. The women’s line includes summer flowy gowns, jacket-saris, off the shoulder and halter tops, and long skirt lehengas. The embroidery gave a 3D effect to the light fabrics. And the outfits are highlighted with jewelry by Anmol Jewellers.

The men’s collection included bandh-gala jackets and long shirts in structured and easy styles. Power pink shirts and non-traditional colors graced the men's collection.

Manish Malhotra's summer collection is easy to fall in love with. The fresh, breezy looks could be worn for an outdoor wedding (think beach wedding) or at any party. What's more telling is whether the next generation will enact change through justice and humanity for gender equality.