Pink & Purple Pop Fusion Sikh Wedding {California}

2015 Apr 6 - by Preeti
For their wedding, Amee and Amit wanted to incorporate not only their culture but create an event that would bring their family and friends together in a joyous celebration.

They were married at the Valley Sikh Temple in California, followed by ther reception at the Malibou Lake Mountain Club.

With pops of red, pink and purple, their wedding was nothing short of stunning!

Tell us about the wedding

I am Hindu and my Husband is Sikh. We are traditional and non-traditional. We wanted to incorporate both Indian cultures/religions as well as our American upbringing.

We had a party the Friday before the wedding which was a great way to have the two families/friends meet before the big day. This party was held at the Agoura Hills Calabasas Community Center. Great place to hold a party!! The Friday night party included a DJ, catered dinner and mendhi artist.

Our wedding was held at the Sikh Gurdwara in Canoga Park, CA and our reception was at the Malibou Lake Mountain Club. We wanted a non-traditional hotel reception and fell in love with Malibou Lake Mountain Club as soon as we saw it!

We had the typical mehndhi night a few days before the wedding. This was small and at home.

The wedding itself was a traditional Sikh wedding. We had the Baraat and the Milne which was great! So much energy!

I wore all the traditional garb for the Friday night party, wedding and reception. My husband wore a salwar kameez to the wedding and suit/tux for the other events.

What was the inspiration for your wedding?

Our culture was truly the inspiration for our wedding. We are both very proud Indians. We love not only our Indian culture, but our specific Gujurati and Punjabi roots!

We wanted to ensure that we honored our culture and stayed true to our true selves.

What was the hardest part about wedding planning?

The hardest part was lack of resources. When you're trying to blend so many cultures it can be overwhelming. We didn't want such an elaborate wedding but we didn't want to do it half-way either. It was hard to coordinate everyone's schedule and responsibilities. My husband is from Fresno and I'm from LA.

What was your favorite part of the wedding?

Everything! I wish I could bottle the love, happiness and energy from that weekend! We have never felt so loved in our lives as we did on that day. Everyone at the wedding was genuinely happy for us and wished us the very best in our new lives together.

What 3 words of advice do you have for future brides/grooms-to-be?


Be Organized

Speak Up

If you are having a wedding with two cultures, it helps to have one person appointed on each side to be the leader. Make sure they are in charge of each cultures traditions and timings. We have some hiccups as new things were coming up the day of the wedding. Not a big deal but with everything going on it helps to have one or 2 people to deal with instead of 10. Also the point persons can communicate with your wedding planner or day of planner to keep things running smooth.

Ok that's four suggestions!

Thanks Amee for sharing your wedding with us! We loved the traditional and modern feelings you brought to the wedding.

{Wedding Vendors}

Photographer:  Kaysha Weiner Photographer// Hair Stylist: Drybar // Location: Hyatt Westlake Village // Event Planner: Leslie Rosa//Makeup Artist: Makeup by Melissa Ann // Event Venue: Malibou Lake Mountain Club // Cake Designer: portos bakery // DJ: Special Occasions DJ & Lighting // Event Planner: Truly Yours Catering// Location: Valley Sikh Temple