{Review} ColourPop Cosmestic's Affordable and Long-Wearing Products

2015 Feb 21 - by Shriya
ColourPop Cosmestics is a recent phenomenon in the makeup industry,  a company based in Los Angeles that aims to provide affordable, yet fabulous products to all beauty lovers. The brand has already gained a large fan base: celebrities can be seen wearing the pigmented lip colors on red carpets and beauty bloggers are regularly raving about the eyeshadows and newly launched blushes. Best of all, ColourPop products are 100% cruelty-free with no animal testing.

ColourPop boasts three main products: for lips, eyes, and cheeks. The lip products are called LippieStix and Pencils, and they are uniquely packaged into long, marker-like tubes that roll up to reveal more lipstick. The eyeshadows are sold in single containers and contain a range of shades from neon to blush neutrals. Amazingly, each lip or eye product is only $5!

Photo from ColourPop's "Queen of the Day" Photoshoot on their blog

The SuperShock blushes launched on February 12th and are probably receiving lots of love for Valentines' Day. They sell for $8, which is quite a steal when the colors can be easily compared to cult favorites like Nars Orgasm.

Many beauty collaborators have gotten in on this unbelievably awesome concept of creating affordable looks that women can test and fall in love with without breaking the bank. YouTube stars like KatheenLights and makeup artists like Megan Naik work directly with ColourPop to release customized colors for lips and eyes.

The fantastic representative at ColourPop gave me a coupon to purchase some favorite products and review them for all our readers. It was a magical experience since everything was so cheap, yet so acclaimed! I got my hands on lip colors from all different swatches, from bold red to nudes - I'm a huge lipstick fanatic so reviewing the LippieStix was my priority. But I also ordered some pretty eyeshadows to test out. Because I ordered so much stuff, I was able to use a promo that gave me two extra lip colors! It was makeup addict heaven.

Here's the grand haul that I received from ColourPop:

LippieStix and Pencils:


Tea Party

Megan Naik Foursome

The website also includes a picture of any given color on two different skin tones: fair and medium-dark. It's really useful when deciding how a color will look on you.

My favorite LippieStix were Lumière, Bichette, and Button.

Lumière is a neutral purplish-pink that's perfect for brightening up your smile on a day trip or for work. It's satin, so the color adds a slight sheen whilst offering opaque coverage. I love how simple, yet classy it is - it goes with any outfit.

Here's me wearing Bichette with some gloss on top for a grey afternoon in Paris. Bichette is the perfect red lip shade for South Asian women - it's bold and deep, but not too bright, so it won't clash against darker skin tones.

Button is a nude with peachy tones, so it's bright and fun without being over the top. The color is perfect for dinner and drinks and looks great when I'm wearing dark neutrals.

The LippieStix are formulated with hydrating ingredients so the lipstick won't dry out your lips too much. They come in Satin, Matte, Glossy, and Hyperglossy. The Matte LippieStix are advertised as the longest lasting, so I stuck to ordering more of those. Satin is an elegant way to get a slight shine on your lip without losing any of the staying power.

I loved the formula - it definitely lived up to the hype! These lipsticks would last me a good 4-5 hours, even if I ate or drank. Like any lip color, they might require touching up after a while, but ColourPop products can be worn on a night out without worrying about fading.

The Lippie Pencils come in handy to make sure the color stays longer - and each color comes with a matching Pencil so you don't have to figure the combinations out for yourself. I used the Frida and Bichette Pencils as recommended: to fill in my lips completely as a base before applying the LippieStix on top. They worked very well, and I did notice an increase in staying power after following these steps.

The eyeshadows were beautifully pigmented, but I had some issues getting the product onto a brush. The pigment is tightly packed in there, so it's actually recommended that you press down with your brush or finger to pick it up vs. swipe it on.

The Megan Naik collection featured some beautiful, South-Asian inspired shades that I'm sure will delight many Indian brides or wedding guests. The four colors are Amira, a dusty, metallic gold; Onia, a creamy, shimmery white; Farah, a deep, matte brown; and Lectra, a glittery burgundy. They were perfect for holiday makeup but can also be used for a fancy smokey-eye.

Overall, I loved ColourPop's products and can't wait to get my hands on some more. The LippieStix are comparable to high-end lipsticks like MACs but are SO much cheaper. The products aren't as creamy and smooth as your fancier brands, but they get the job done and the staying power is truly amazing.

ColourPop's concept of creating affordable, yet long-lasting makeup products is revolutionary: girls who don't often wear makeup or who aren't sure of what colors suit them are finally able to invest in different products and find what they like without spending an insane amount of money. It will encourage more women to experiment more with their makeup and beauty routines - I highly recommend that every makeup lover try out this brand!