Runway Inspired Bridal Mehndi Outfits from Lakme & Amazon India Fashion Weeks 2015

April 2, 2015 - by Shriya

Mehndi ceremonies are held before the wedding day, when the bride's female relatives all get together to have henna professionally applied to their arms, hands, and feet. Of course, the bride is the focus of the event, as she gets henna done all the way up to her elbows and often times up past her ankles as well.

Because of the messiness of the application, and the being fawned over by elder female relatives, a mehndi outfit should be simple and leave easy access to the arms and feet. But that doesn't mean that the outfit should be boring - most brides opt for a colorful churidar or dress that has bright, happy patterns.

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This year's Lakme and Amazon India Fashions, showcasing summer resort wear, was perfect for bridal mehndi outfit inspiration. Bright pastels, minimalist designs, and shorter hem lengths made for fun, yet practical henna application outfits.

Ridhi Mehra

A churidar like this is a safe option for mehndi application because it leaves access to the arms and feet and is easy to move around in. This suit isn't very colorful, but the sheer fabric and the bright poppy designs add an elegant, subtle flair to it.

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Sonu Dharnidharka

If white is more your color, don't let a mehndi force you to divert to bright colors. This white and gold studded gown is long, flowy, and gorgeous - and it exposes the entire arm for henna application.

SonuDharnidharka_Lakme2015 width=

Neha Agrawal

This blouse and choli is perfect for a fusion wedding, or even a summer mehndi ceremony. The blouse has a fun, Russian doll pattern - and it doesn't cover too much skin. I love the asymmetric, geometric pattern skirt in its bright, happy yellow. The matching blouse design on the underside is the icing on the cake.

NehaAgrawal4_Lakme2015 width=

Rimi Nayak

A simple, flowing blue gown like this is easy to maneuver and sit still in, making it ideal for a mehndi ceremony. The cerulean color fits spring or summer, but I imagine it would look best at an outdoor event.

RimiNayak_Lakme2015 width=

Nishka Lulla

If you're feeling more daring and expressive for your mehndi, this Nishka Lulla crop blouse and blue slacks piece is elegant, but fun. The blouse has a beautiful, silvery lace pattern, which stands out brilliantly against the blue pants. If you have to sit for hours waiting for your henna to dry, you might as well get comfy in loose pants like these!

NishkaLulla3_Lakme2015 width=

Jatin Verma

The headpiece on this outfit is a little out there, but the pastel pink cutout gown is simply stunning. The sheer fabrics allow for beautiful geometric patterns, ensuring that your outfit and your henna will steal all the attention at your event.

JatinVerma_Lakme2015 width=

Yogesh Chaudhary

This red and gold churidar with peacock motifs will be right at home for a mehndi ceremony. It looks loose and comfortable, but the low cut blouse and the sheer pants add a bit of boldness into the mix.

YogeshChaudhary3_Lakme2015 width=

Anavila Misra

When all else fails, you can't go wrong with a simple saree. This saree is draped loosely, so that more of the gray blouse can be revealed. The colors might be dull, but the light, airiness of the combination is ideal for summer wear.

AnavilaMishra_Lakme2015 width=

AIFW Grand Finale

Red and florals are a timeless wedding combination, but there's no reason why you can only wear the bright color on your wedding day itself. With a sleeveless blouse and sturdy fabric, this outfit is appropriate for mehndi application. It won't get in the way, but the dazzling floral embroidery on the choli will definitely distract your guests in a good way.

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Magenta is a fun summer color, and, minus the furry scarf, this outfit is great for wearing to your mehndi and then heading to another event with your family. The floaty skirt contrasts with the structured blouse, and with simplistic designs on the borders and sleeves, the fuschia colors are allowed to steal the spotlight.

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