The Essential Guide to CKP Weddings: Introduction

2015 Mar 23 - by dulhan
The Chandraseniya Kayastha Prabhu caste in Northern India is mainly concentrated in the state of Maharashtra, with members also residing in Gujarat and Kashmir. However, the customs and traditions followed in a Maharashtrian CKP wedding differ from the typical Maharashtrian ceremonies.

The CKPs are descended from warrior King Chandraseniya, who ruled the Kayastha community during the 12th century. The Kayasthas were a literate caste whose title meant "scribe" because they served as administrators and record-keepers. The subcaste of CKPs were considered upper-caste during the 1600s under the rule of King Shivaji of the Maratha Empire of Hindu warriors across the Western Indian subcontinent.

King Shivaji of the Maratha Empire.

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The CKP people served King Shivaji as warriors, politicians, advisors, and government officials, making them one of the more respected communities in the Maratha Empire at the time. Like the Brahmins, the CKP caste members heavily practiced Hindu rituals and even followed some Brahmin traditions. Today, the caste system is not as economically relevant to the pride of the CKPs - but their deep involvement with religion and culture is reflected in marital ceremonies.

As a religious people with roots in literary expertise and education, the CKP community holds their weddings to high standards. Each ceremony has a particular spiritual meaning that must be understood and fully accepted by the bride and groom. Many religious superstitions are carefully followed, and astrological signs play a large role in planning the ceremony.

CKP fashion and culture differs from that of typical Maharashtrian trends. One critical difference is that unlike Brahmins and other Indian communities, CKPs pride themselves on their non-vegetarian cuisines. Popular CKP dishes such as mutton are bound to be served at wedding receptions.

A traditional fish thali - CKPs love their seafood!

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This wedding guide will clarify every detail you may need to plan your intricate CKP wedding - from rituals to food and everything in between!

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