Ugh, No: Part 2 {Lakme Fashion Week 2015}

2015 Mar 25 - by Nadya
Welcome back for the second part of 'Ugh, No,' a series we started last year to look closely at the not so fashionable works from Lakme Fashion Week 2015.

This year's Lakme was about intrepid use of prints, shiny silks, and tastefully traditional pieces. 90% of the show was practically ethereal and the remaining 10% was pure purgatory.  I'm not even exaggerating.  Check out what I scraped off the bottom of the Lakme barrel.

1. p.e.l.l.a for INIFD's 'the Gen-Next'  from Day 1

Points for probably the most on-budget look in the show.  With a $5 mosquito net she grabbed from the local NGO and those bizarre souvenir clogs from Holland, I'd say this outfit was probably the most orchestrated piece with minimum impact.  If it clings to the model's crotch, just say no.

2. Salita Nanda for INIFD's 'the Gen-Next'  from Day 1

I don't even need to say anything.  This look so laughable in its attempt to be edgy or whatever.  If it's an elaborate joke meant to ridicule the seriousness of fashion, well done, but somehow I think Nanda was really trying with this.  What even is it?

3. Vaishali S from Day 1

Major snore.  This outfit is unflattering, boring, and styled horribly (whatever you tell me, those definitely aren't shoes).  It looks like all the remaining pieces left in the trunk were stacked on top of each other.  The bizarre sheer trench needs to be put out of its misery.

4. Lakme Absolute Sculpt Day by DRVV from Day 1

This is purely terrifying.  I'm completely lost for words.  Why would somebody send out a presumably pretty model with a horror-movie worthy makeup job and and ugly baggy suit (that zips)?!

5. Deepika Govind from Day 2

Does anything scream 'unfashionable mom' more than those curled hems?  Combine that with the shiny red of the unflattering dress and afterthought white pants and you have yourself a full on frump.  Ugh, no.

6.Dhruv Kapoor's 'DRVV' from Day 3

This whole collection was a tragedy.  Kapoor thought he'd take the simplicity of Chanel's elegant black and whites and combine it with the tackiest club cuts of the 90s.  It didn't work.  Like this outfit, the show was just a series of weird cut up shiny outfits.  But I'm sure there's a market for elasticated tuxedo pants.

7. Arunima Mahji from Day 3

I've been racking my brain trying to figure out where and when you'd need this outfit.  Basically if you're in a period drama where you were suddenly thrown into the far distant future and you needed to attend an interstellar ball, then you might wear this thing.  But that's probably it.

8. Dhruv Kapoor from Day 3

This is supposed to be resort wear.  I didn't realize it meant 'wear whatever you want with basketball shorts and frat boy sandals.'  But I guess that tells you what I know about fashion.

9. SS Surya from Day 4

Are tiny guy shorts a thing? Maybe they are a thing and I've just blocked them from my memory because they look so weird.  I'm all for guys experimenting with more feminine looks but somehow the broad shoulders of this ridiculous jacket plus those tiny shorts is the wrong thing.  Completely wrong.  Completely ugh.

10. Philips Presents Wendell Rodricks from Day 5

Without those weird glowstick rings, this dress would be the typical space-filling snooze fest designers sometimes send out to beef up their show.  But with those things, it propels this outfit to a solid spot on everybody's 'Ugh, No' masterlist.  I just don't know what Rodricks was thinking.  Maybe she was running away from the circus and wandered on stage by accident? I'd go with that story if this was my show.

11. Shubhika's 'Papa Don't Preach' from Day 5

Besides the weird infantilizing jail-baity appeal of this collection, what is with the stockings/fluffy shoes/unflattering pinafore/bizarre cheap silk look? Everywhere you look with this one, it screams 'UGH NO.'  It makes me job horribly easy.

Thanks for tuning in for this year's 'Ugh, No.'  If you want to check out some of the real art and fashion from the year, go look at our reviews of the shows of Krishna Mehta, Anushree Reddy, Suneet Varma, Gaurang Shah, Vasundhara, Manish Malhotra, and Sabyasachi.