10 Questions Every Desi Bride Will Have to Answer During Her Engagement

2016 Oct 14 - by Zara
Being a bride-to-be is so much fun - between the parties in your honor, the shopping, the food tastings and the attention your friends lavish on you, your engagement really is a beautiful time.

But there are definitely some annoying things about being an engaged woman, especially if you're of South Asian descent (or are marrying a South Asian!) One of those things is the constant barrage of questions you'll face - expect to hear these things A LOT if you're recently engaged.

1. Are you having an Indian wedding ceremony?p

Newsflash: There is no such thing as an "Indian" wedding ceremony. Most people will be referring to a Hindu wedding, but explaining this each time can get really annoying.

2. What color are you going to wear?


Most brides in the U.S. wear white, so they won't have to field this question. If you're a South Asian bride, on the other hand, you can expect to answer this question many, many times. But hey, at least we have options!

3. Is it an arranged marriage?


Nothing against arranged marriages, but it's pretty ignorant when people ask this, isn't it?

4. Are you going to serve Indian food? 


OK, this question is a fair one. The next one? Not so much. See below:

5. I don't really like Indian food, what can I eat at your wedding?


Right. Because what YOU eat is the bride's biggest concern.

6. Will you ride in on some sort of animal?


People are SO interested in the animal riding.

7. What ethnicity is the person you're marrying?


If you think this question gets old, try fielding the follow-up questions you get when you tell 'em your fiancé is anything other than Indian.

8. What am I supposed to wear?


Pro tip: Write a section about your wedding's dress code on your wedding web site and direct them to that.

9.) How many people are you inviting?


Too many. Far, far too many.

10.) How much money are you spending?


Note: This will probably come from an auntie who is getting one of her children married off in the near future.