10 Questions Every Single Girl Gets When She Goes To An Indian Wedding

2016 Aug 26 - by Zara
Single ladies, this one is all for you. While we love our brides, sometimes we need to give it up for the awesome ladies who are not quite ready to plan their big fat weddings. 'Cause unlike the aunties, we understand that you might just need to do you before you settle down.

In light of this, let's talk about what attending an Indian wedding is like when you're an unattached woman...because there's a very good chance you'll be facing these ten questions a lot this wedding season.

1. I have a son who is a doctor, do you want to meet him?


This one usually comes from several aunties, many of whom just circulate the room asking every girl with a bare ring finger the same thing. It gets old. Fast.

2. Why aren't you eating?


And you're all "listen, I literally just swept my third serving of chicken tikka so can you chill?"

3. Why did you go into {insert career field} instead of medicine?


Of course, this one only goes out to the girls who didn't go into medicine - but still. It's a many, many guests will face at any Indian wedding.

4. Why didn't you wear {insert other heavily worked outfit?}


It's sort of cute how all your family friends' moms know your entire Desi wardrobe by heart. Sort of.

5. So what kind of guys do you like?


Ah, the incessant need to matchmake.

6. So is your wedding going to be this big?


Breaking news: Most single people don't have their weddings planned. Also, it's not a "who can have the bigger wedding" contest.

7. Why aren't you dating anyone?


Responding to this one is particularly fun when you actually are dating someone but are keeping it under wraps to avoid the following question...

8. Why haven't you married {insert person you're dating's name} yet?


To be fair, this a question you'll face everywhere you go, not just at Indian weddings.

9. Why didn't you wear more makeup?


Because it's not good enough for the aunties unless you literally transform yourself into a Bollywood diva.

10.) So when can I start shopping for something to wear to your wedding?


Pro tip: Next time you get this, don't tell whomever asks that they might not invited. Although it could make for a pretty hilarious reaction...