10 Things Every Bride Should Have On Hand On Her Wedding Day

2016 Jul 15 - by dulhan
One of the biggest stressors during my wedding week was packing for the big day. I stayed at my parents house, which became a total hot bed for family activity during the wedding week, and had a few events leading up to the wedding itself - needless to say, I didn't have a ton of time to put together a full suitcase for the actual wedding day.

That's why I would absolutely suggest that all of you brides out there make this a priority early on. Make sure you get these essential items together so you have them on hand for the day of your wedding - trust me, they'll come in handy!

1. Water bottle and snacks: Staying hydrated is so, so important during your wedding! Take a water bottle along with you so that you can keep sipping while you're on your way to the hotel, having your makeup done and getting dressed. I love the option of picking up a pretty bottle like this one. I would also suggest packing on-the-go snacks like granola bars, nuts and fruit to keep you going when you inevitably have no time for lunch.

2. An emergency kit: Band-aids, safety pins, bobby pins....those are totally wedding day essentials! You can grab a pre-made kit like this one or make your own filled with emergency type items you may otherwise forget.

3. Basic toiletries Your hair and makeup artists will likely bring a lot of essentials but one thing you'll want to take care of deodorant. You definitely want to apply some right before the wedding - and it's a good idea to have it on hand throughout the night because you might get sweaty! A toothbrush and extra set of contact lenses are so, so important as well.

ArtiandKarthikDayBefore196Photo courtesy of Erika Parker Photography

4. Your makeup kit: I really, really don't want to scare you here....but there's a tiny, TINY chance that your makeup artist won't show. Another tiny, TINY possibility? You might find you're not happy with your makeup after he or she has applied it. It's definitely a great idea to bring your own makeup to wherever you plan on getting ready for the wedding. On another note, you'll want to have makeup on hand for the day after your wedding if you're spending the night in the same hotel that you're using to get ready.

5. A small bag: Pack it with things you might need during the wedding itself (like bobby pins, an extra lipstick, your cell phone, mints and tissues) and hand it off to a bridesmaid, your mom or your wedding coordinator. Have this person either hold on to it for you or stash it underneath your table so you can get to it easily if you need something during the wedding.


6. An emergency Tylenol: The last thing you want to deal with on your wedding is a headache or stomachache. Make sure you grab an over-the-counter pain reliever so you can fix the issue quickly if it arises.

7. Comfortable shoes: Your wedding shoes might be beautiful but can you dance in them? Be sure to grab a comfy pair that you can change into if your feet start hurting.

8. A pretty robe: Change into a cute robe (that you won't mind being photographed in) and wear this while having your hair and makeup done. It will keep you comfortable and slip off easily without disrupting your hair or makeup when you're ready to get into your dress.

bursoniPhoto courtesy of Justine Bursoni

9. Your wedding invitation and save the date: So your wedding photographer can get a fabulous photo of them along with your rings! Which brings us to our last (but certainly not least) item....

10. The rings and marriage license: We don't need to explain this one, do we?