5 Color Combinations We Love For Fall Weddings

2016 Sep 16 - by Zara
A lot of brides love the idea of getting married during the summer, and for good reason: Warm weather, plenty of sunlight and gorgeous seasonal flowers make it a great of time of year to host a wedding.

But we'll let you in on a little secret: We happen to adore fall weddings just as much. If you choose the right color scheme, a fall wedding can look incredibly lush and vibrant. Here are five options we love for the season.

Burgundy and gold:

Gupta_Gupta_Jihan_Abdalla_Photography_30_lowPhoto courtesy of Jihan Abdalla Photography.

Red and gold is such a classic combination for Indian weddings and it will never go out of style. While we love a really bright shade of red for summer or winter weddings, we think fall is the perfect time to adopt a deep burgundy shade instead of a pure red. We love the way it contrasts with metallic gold. This combination just lends itself to a really mature, fancy event. See: Nidhi and Avin's wedding.

Navy and cream:

Tulsi Gabbard Congresswoman Hawaiian Indian Wedding 4

There is something so regal about the color navy blue. While it's not a color you might automatically associate with wedding decor, it can look really lovely if you balance it out with a pale shade of cream. This is an excellent option for a couple that wants a wedding that feels very elegant, yet very modern. It's nontraditional and we love that. See: Tulsi and Abraham's wedding

Hot pink and gray:

telugu-indian-wedding-south-africaPhoto courtesy of Conway Photography

Talk about unexpected! Hot pink is a very bright, gray is very muted. Together they make an incredibly fresh, well-balanced combination, and any bride who chooses to decorate her wedding in these shades will definitely make a big statement. This is such an amazing option for brides who don't want cookie-cutter weddings. See: Jessika and Jerolen's wedding

Plum and ivory:

Pakistani Wedding Kimberly Photos Reception-306Photo courtesy of Kimberly Photography

Brides tend to love purple for fall weddings, and for good reason. After all, it's the color of royalty! We love how timeless and clean a nice shade of plum looks, especially when paired with a simple shade of off-white. This is a classic combination for the bride who likes a sharp contrast in colors. See: Safia and Bob's wedding.

Blue and green:

KSDWeddings_Anjoli_Tim_079Photo courtesy of KSD Weddings.

There's a pretty classic formula brides stick to when picking their color schemes: They choose one strong color and pair it with a more neutral shade. But who says you have to play by that rule? We love the option of choosing two bright shades, especially for an Indian wedding. Choosing shades of blue and green would be a great way to bring a fun, bright vibe to your wedding. You can use varying shades of both colors to create a chic ombre effect, or contrast a dark shade of green with a bright blue (or vice versa). Either way, this combination will look so fresh and eye-catching. See: Anjoli and Tim's wedding.