5 Ways To Ensure Your Hair Looks Amazing For Your Wedding

2016 Feb 29 - by dulhan
One thing every bride wants? Long, thick, healthy shiny hair, of course!

Getting your hair to look amazing for your wedding can be a long process. It's not just about finding the perfect stylist; you should also make sure your hair is in great condition. This is something you should think about in the months leading up to the wedding.

Here are five top tips for scoring your best hair ever.

1. Consider hair vitamins: Whether it's biotin or a hair, skin and nails vitamin, ingesting some vitamins might be a good idea if you're looking to gain some length. Taking a supplement every day can help your grow hair super fast and stay very healthy.

2. Heat style as little as possible: Nothing damages your hair quite like applying heat to it! In the months leading up to your wedding, consider going easy on the blow drying, straightening and curling. Embrace your natural texture! Always be sure to use a heat protectant on your hair before heat styling, too!

3.Upgrade your tools: If parting with your blow dryer or curling iron just isn't going to happen, consider shelling out for high quality versions of them. If you're only going to invest in one good piece of hair equipment, go for a blow dryer. They work very quickly and really keep your hair in good shape.

4.Do regular oil massages: Indian women are known for having amazing hair - and that's thanks in part to the fact that scalp massages are common practice in Indian culture. Do it yourself at home - simply warm up a small town of coconut or olive oil, then massage it into your hair. Leave it on for a few hour or overnight and wash it out for soft, healthy hair. Do this once a week or so to get your hair in great condition.

5.Schedule a haircut four to six weeks before the wedding: Whatever you do, don't cut your hair right before the wedding! Opt for a few weeks before. That way, your dead ends will come off and your hair will have a great shape  - but you won't have to deal with a new cut you don't love.

What are you top hair tips? Share them with us!