Colorful Pakistani Indian Fusion Wedding {North Carolina}

2016 Aug 11 - by Kate
This lovely wedding we have on tap for you this morning is so full of color, happiness, love and light. Sanya and Omar were married at the Apex Mosque in Apex, North Carolina and Palmetto Duo captured it all. We just can't get enough!

We talked to bride Sanya about her special day. Take it away!

How did you meet?

Omar and I met through a great friend of mine and his cousin. He came to visit her in Greensboro, North Carolina from Clemson and she invited a few of us to join. We only said hello and instantly I felt his smile was so genuine. Asma (my friend/cousin), said we'd be a great fit and talked to us both about each other. We later connected through Facebook and then started talking on the phone. We told our parents pretty early on and we clicked instantly. We met in college and grew up a lot together. We stayed long distance for four and a half years which wasn't always the easiest but we did our best to visit as much as possible (more him than me). The rest is history!

Tell us about your first date.

On our very first date Omar ended up in the ER (funny/crazy story but we can laugh about it now.) After three hours of being in the waiting room I finally got to go see him, and he says that is the moment he knew he wanted to marry me. Omar was kind, respectful, patience, and God-fearing and those were the qualities I was looking for in a husband.

How did Omar propose?

Omar proposed at his parent's lake house in October 2014. I knew it was coming but I didn't know when. I was so surprised when he took me to the dock where he laid long-stemmed roses out and got down on his knee to ask me to marry him. He was nervous and I was too. He had asked both my parents for their blessings before the proposal and invited his siblings and mine to witness our special moment from the balcony. They recorded it and took pictures. Lake Murray was gorgeous that day and it was one of the happiest days of my life.

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

The best part of our wedding day in Apex has to be the ceremony. We were both very nervous but having all of our closest friends and family was incredible. We accepted each other just as we are in front of our community and God, something that we had waited to do for a long time. We also loved the skit my family performed for us on "How They Met". It was really funny and creative and they did a great job. My nana was able to come all the way from Edmonton, and although she has Alzheimer's I felt like she knew what was going on. We were so close and she would tell me stories about her own wedding and life. I knew in my heart that she was happy for me although she couldn't express it. She kissed me and told me to be happy as I was leaving for my Rukhsati (when bride leaves with groom) and it was a moment I will never forget. Rukhsatis are a big part of our wedding. It is when the bride is officially being given to her husband and new family. There are tears and lots of hugging. It is something that all brides have to go through and it was very special. We cried because we were happy and also because this was a new chapter. My parents had taken care of me all my life and now they were trusting in Omar to take care of me and me of him. I loved it.

What are some traditional parts to your wedding celebrations?

Before the wedding we have numerous parties celebrating the upcoming wedding with each of our families. We danced, sang traditional songs as my mom played the dhol (traditional drum), was fed traditional Pakistani and Indian sweets, applied henna onto my hands and feet, and just had a great time. It is hard during the wedding to actually sit and enjoy with friends and family so I am blessed I was able to do so. Omar had a maanja party where his family and friends rubbed turmeric paste on his face and fed him sweets as well. After the event in Apex, we all drove to Columbia.

What are some of your favorite wedding memories?

That night we had a dinner at Al Amir in downtown and we had karaoke and speeches from my friends and family which was amazing. One of my college friends learned a Hindi song just for me and sang it beautifully in front of both our friends and family. It was a memorable night. The morning of the reception, Omar's parents invited all the out of town guests over for a traditional Indian brunch at their lake house which we got a chance to talk and spend time with everyone. (we had a lot of family come from all over: India, Texas, California, Florida, Toronto, Edmonton, Boston, Virginia, New York, Georgia, Chicago, and much more) Our best memories at our reception in Columbia were the speeches given, our video message from our close friends and family, Omar's sister's song that she sang for us, our cake cutting ceremony where we fed our parents, siblings and niece and nephews (we feed each other to show our love and closeness to that person).

The amazing performances at the reception were incredible. Omar's friends and family practiced and practiced for a beautiful and colorful performance. Last but not least, the dance party we had on the dance floor was unforgettable. We saw our uncles, aunts, and parents on the dance floor (which is VERY uncommon) but their happiness for us was electric and the whole room ended up on that dance floor. I felt that was the perfect ended to an amazing weekend. I got a chance to go around the floor, finding the cousins, sisters, and friends and dancing like nothing else mattered.

Then Omar and I would find each other and get to show our love and excitement with everyone around us. The thing is, I expected for things to not do exactly as planned. In weddings, there are so many factors that are out of your control. I am just glad things went smoothly and that we got married in front of everyone we wished could be there.

Congratulations Sanya and Omar! Thank you for letting us share in your special day!


Photographer: Palmetto Duo // Linens and Coverings: Andy's Tents Events // Event Venue: Apex Mosque // Caterer: Dale's Indian Cuisine // Caterer:Delhi Palace // DJ: DJ Kashif // Design and Decor: Event Decor by Ghazala // Makeup Artist: Makeup Artistry By Amani // Makeup Artist: Makeup Artistry Creations // Event Designer: natashadecor//Caterer:Ovations Food Services // DJ: Partytime