Five Lipstick Shades South Asian Brides Should Consider

2016 Feb 11 - by dulhan
You've chosen your dress, picked up your shoes and bought a bridal clutch. Next up on the agenda? Choosing your bridal beauty look.

Checking Pinterest for great hairstyle and makeup looks is probably a good first step in determining the look you'll emulate on your big day - but we also know that Indian women tend to look better in different makeup techniques and colors than most women do.

With that in mind, we suggest trying out these five lipstick colors to compliment your wedding makeup.

1.Coral: Think of it as the South Asian girl's answer to classic pale pink bridal lips. Icy shades of pink are very popular for brides, but the cool tones in these shades can wash desi skin out a bit. Instead, opt for a coral shade. This has just enough warmth to compliment our complexions and looks subtle when applied with a full face of makeup. Try 'Montego Bay' by NARS.



2. Red: Red lipstick is always a bold choice, but sometimes it's the perfect choice for an Indian bride. After all, our wedding outfits tend to be very colorful. Because of this, bold red lips don't seem to stark. We love the option of keeping everything else very muted and popping a bright red lipstick on to add some drama. Try 'Russian Red' by MAC.


3. Rose: Instead of a pale pink, opt for a dusty rose shade. With its reddish undertones and muted hue, rose is a great color for South Asian brides, as it's subtle but still adds that lovely pop of color to the lips. Try 'Indian Rose' by Tom Ford.


4. Mauve: Shades of purple look great on Indian women. While a full-on purple lipstick might seem extreme for a bride, a soft mauve would look stunning. This muted shade is not only extremely trendy at the moment, it's also very flattering and feminine. Try 'Anna' by NARS.


5.Berry: If you're wearing a bright color, have a deeper skin tone and are getting married in the fall or winter, why not try a sophisticated berry lip for your wedding day? The shade is gorgeous on Indian skin tones and will add a bit of drama that's worthy of the biggest day of your life. Try 'Envy' by Tarte.

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What color lipstick will you be wearing for your wedding day? Tell us below!