Glamorous & Colorful Bazaar Bride with KIS(Cubed) Events {Wedding Inspiration}

October 19, 2016 - by Preeti

We are back with part II of KIS Cubed's glamorous and fun Indian wedding vignettes. The first vignette featured a modern and timeless bride set with a reception table style in hundreds of candles.

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The second vignette is below with a glamorous bride who wants to have fun! Bazaar style fun with colors, a pani puri stand, and my favorite a floral elephant.

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Nina tells us all about this exciting style!

This vignette is vibrant and playful for a modern bride that wants to put a twist on traditional Indian décor. We envisioned a modern mehendi party - bangles, pani puri, a rickshaw, lots of color pop, lanterns. We really wanted the fun to come out with this vignette which still maintaining elegance.

The bright punchy colors differ from the usual jewel tones you see. The Prashe team added in custom pieces with the large lanterns, an elephant and pani puri stand that their team designed themselves!

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The outfit, a funky emerald green salwar was created by Prashe with a modern girl in mind. The salwar is short length and flirty, yet Indian with the twirling skirt and traditional gota work.

This is enough for me to want another mehendi ceremony! We just can't get enough of this modern playful Indian style. Be sure to see the first vignette if you missed and if you are planning a wedding in Houston, drop Nina an email or call! Details below.

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{Wedding Team}

Planning: KIS Cubed Events Houston. Phone: (864) 921-8145 // Houston, TX 77003 // email:

Hair & Makeup: Bridal Elements by Nirjary Desai

Décor: Prashe

Clothing: Prashe

Jewelry: Anokhi Ada and Big Bangles Theory

Photography:A & A Photography

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