Megha & Shravan's Playful Vibrant Hindu Wedding {India}

October 10, 2016 - by Kate

Good day, lovely readers! We have yet another delightful treat to share with you today. Meet Megha and Shravan, who shared their incredible wedding in Bangalore with us.

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Their wedding was full of gorgeous detail, vibrant color and of course, so much fun (just look at their about stealing the show!)

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We talked to bride Meg about her big day. We are delighted she could share her insight with us. Take it away Meg!

Tell us about the wedding.

The focus for both Shravan and me was to ensure that not just the two of us but the immediate family circles and our closest friends had a good time. We wanted them to thorough enjoy everything without missing out on events due to travel to and from the venue while being well rested between events. Shravan and I planned the entire event through numerous discussions with our wedding planners, 3 Productions. While I wasn’t very keen on having a wedding planner I am more than happy that we agreed on working with Sowmya and her team because the event wouldn’t have been half as magical without them.

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What was the inspiration for your wedding?

We were clear that it had to be close-knit event and definitely not in a convention center or wedding hall. We found the perfect outdoor setting with a homey feel at Shibravyi. The idea was to cut down on travel time between events particularly for the family and friends so that everyone would be in one place for the one and a half days of functions and celebrate together.

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What was the hardest part about wedding planning?

Limiting the guests. We loved the venue mainly for the scale and the cozy feel it had to it. However, both sides wanted to invite everyone they knew for two opposite reasons: My side since it was the first wedding in the family and Shravan's since it was the last wedding as he is the youngest of the siblings and cousins.

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Did you do any DIY (do it yourself) or special projects/things at the wedding?

All the invites planned out to ensure there was a personal touch to it. While the content was printed onto the cards, I made 700 handmade pouches into which the invites were inserted before packing them off into the postal/delivery envelopes.

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What was your favorite part of the wedding?

The fact that our dear doggies were with us through the one and a half days of events.

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What three words of advice do you have for future brides/grooms to be?

The more you involve yourself the more satisfied you would be with the outcome. Do not underestimate the power of a wedding planner!

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Anything else you'd like to add?

A big shout out to the wedding planners, namely Sowmya Raghavan and her super efficient team for handling our wedding so well and guiding us through the whole process. They have been extremely obliging and patient offering the best solutions and putting up with our budget constraints and endless detail discussions.

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Congratulations you two lovebirds! We wish you many blessings.


Photography: PixelStory // Planner: 3 Production Weddings

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